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WUB Week 7

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wow! I can't believe this BLC is almost over. It has gone by so quickly!!

Since I've been updating you nearly everyday, I'll keep this quick.

1. I measured my body this week and found that the widest part of my hips is about 1/2 inch smaller. Woo.

2. I also noticed that my non-measured parts (ie smaller part of hips/boobies/hands/feet/ankles
/stomach pooch etc) are also shrinking.

3. I went to a celebration and had a great time. Sure I "cheated" and ate some things that were unclean and less than healthy, but there was no insane EAT ALL THE THINGS! that went on. It's been nearly a year since changing my eating and by golly I am a new woman.

4. I tried yoga for the first time and loved it. Really need to work on my core muscles though!

5. I am finding level 1 of the shred too easy (WHAT?!?!?!?!)

6. I got loads of compliments at the get together.

7. the Mr obviously sees I got my groove back. ;)

8. My wedding rings are loose. (Am I really almost smaller than when I got married?!?!?!)

9. I can put on any dress in my closet.

10. Our night out of town was super lovely.

11. Non weightloss related, I have grown out my nails and hair to an extent that I feel pretty and feminine.

1. My knee still hurts and needs more time healing. :(

2. My weight is still at a stand still (PS thanks for all your encouragement. You have NO idea how much it meant to me)

3. I spazzed out when a friend insisted to know how much weight I lost. She said I "had to have lost about 10 kgs (22 lbs)". I was so embarrassed that I've actually lost double, I changed the subject with a rude comment. I am disappointed that I resorted to being rude- instead of being polite - but not sorry I changed the subject.

I've talked about this before. I feel like I have all the support I need (hubby for real life and SP for internet life) that I don't want to let others in on my plan. It's partly a fear of failure, but more so, a great and deep embarrassment. No one else in real life knows that I have PCOS (only hubby, mom and BFF) because so many people have preconceived ideas about it. Talking about ovaries is embarrassing and most people don't want to know /don't actually care. I can't unfold one without the other, and the one (PCOS) I made a conscious choice to not speak of. (this is ammo for a whole 'nother post)

I think most people who have asked about my weight so far are just nosy. If they noticed me losing 40 odd pounds in 6 months and "Can't help but say something" , why didn't they say anything when I gained 40 odd pounds within 6 months? Am I right?

4. My feelings were hurt when I was compared to someone who I adore, but who I thought was much bigger than myself. Apparently we're about the same size and I was really sad. I just can't see myself for who I really am.

What does 49.5 inches look like in an ass? What does a 36 in waist look like? Do I still look obese? Is everyone lying when they say I look great or are they just saying that I look better than before but still have a long way to go?

In this way I envy the people on the real Biggest Loser, because while I've never seen the show it sounds like they give up their life for a period of time to lose the weight. They never have to venture out into real life "partly done". It's Wam Bam and returning thin and strong.

Anyway so that's my week in a large nutshell! What started out being a short and sweet post became another essay. Can you tell I write for a living? lol

Sorry guys!


Member Comments About This Blog Post:
SCARJOWANNABE 8/20/2012 11:34AM

    I really liked your roses and thorns attitude, I may have to borrow it for a blog of my own some time soon! Keep on smelling the roses :)

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LIBELULITA 8/20/2012 4:00AM

    I totally agree with SWALL84....people here in Spain feel free to say "You're getting fatter" and let me tell you, it is NOT a nice thing to hear even if it is honest!!

i an still not comfortable with people talking about my weight loss. At first I felt like saying "Oh, so you DID notice I was fat then". Then when I carried on losing more and more weight it turned into the only thing people wanted to talk about which got on my nerves as I didn't want it to define me or how people saw me.Then people started saying I was getting too thin and was looking I've regained a little weight I'm getting fatter again!! Bless the spanish tact!! I can't win, and whatever happens people will talk about it, BUT I've come to accept that,no matter how much I hate them commenting on my weight loss it truely is only because they are pleased and excited for you...and whats more you miss those comments when people get used to you now being thinner (or when the comments turn into "oh, you've put on some weight again haven't you!).

Anyway,carry on as you are.You are doing a great job and hope the Roses continue to outnumber the thorns emoticon emoticon

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KDAILEY70 8/20/2012 12:29AM


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DUMBBELLE84 8/20/2012 12:18AM

    I LOVE yoga! I'm so glad you enjoyed your first class. I'm fairly new to it and also discovered that I need to do some work on my core.

Glad you're discovering those NSV's all over the place! I find those way more exciting than the numbers on the scale. Keep up the great work.

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STEPH-KNEE 8/20/2012 12:06AM

    You are doing great and I am so proud for you not letting the scale discourage you, because your body is totally transforming. I hate people feeling they HAVE to say something, it's not hard to keep your mouth shut LOL. To me the extent of it should be "you like great" or "you look nice" but it doesn't have to be questions. People bug LOL.

I agree the big reveal is so awesome and it's just like here I am, and they don't have to deal with the in between stuff. Lucky people.

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SWALL84 8/19/2012 9:33PM

    I love this post. And I think for the most part people mean well, I really do. I don't like getting comments about my weight loss when I'm barely into it but people will say something about weight loss and not weight gain because they don't want to hurt our feelings and because of the politically correct world we live in. I lived in Portugal for a year and a half and people always said "you've gotten fatter" or "you've gotten skinnier" after they hadn't seen you for awhile. It wasn't rude, it was just cultural. And the honesty was refreshing (when it was about something you could change or work on. It was just annoying and hurt when it was something you couldn't change). Anyway, keep on keeping on, girl! You can do this.

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WINDSONG27 8/19/2012 8:50PM

    You're doing so good. Unbelievable. What an inspiration!

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    So I've been several posts behind on reading your blog...and although this comment isn't directly related to what you've posted in this particular entry, I just wanted to say that you are super inspiring. I love your tenacity and determination!! And, more related to this particular post, those are a WHOLE LOT of NSVs you've got going on!!! So exciting :-D

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MISSMARCYB 8/19/2012 11:55AM

  I love your Roses and Thorns! Especially that the Roses outnumber the Thorns... Keep up the good work!

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