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18 Mile Walk - CHECK!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Got my 18 miles in today! Did a little at my youngest son's football practice. Had to use the bathroom and they don't have a port-a-potty there so I walked the half mile to the park bathroom and back and then around the school. - 1.67 miles done then. Rested for a while and then when we got back from practice, Paul and I walked to Subway for lunch (about .75 miles) - got to 2.6 miles or so. DH got home from Evan's football scrimmage and came to pick up Paul since he insisted on wearing his football pants and cleats and of course was chafing after a 3 hour practice so he was happy to have a ride home.

So I took off from there. Walked all over the place on this side of town. Got to about 11 miles and stopped at home for a break and a snack since I needed more water. Walked down the hill and did the loop around the river 3 times and I was at 17 miles when I got back up the hill.

There were a few times where I started getting REALLY sore and really wanted to stop walking but that famous stubbornness kicked in, I gritted my teeth, drank some more water and kept walking. I had a dinner date with two of my awesome Spark Friends, SCOUTMOM715 and ROCKINMOM77 and one of Tennille's friends so I had to be home by 6:30 at the latest.

I made it! The entire 18 miles! And MAN am I ever feeling it right now! OUCH! Went to dinner and had an AWESOME time! Now I'm home and cramping up like crazy. Gonna have to try to get up soon and take some Ibuprofen.

Anyway, except for that 3/4 mile with DS, I did the entire thing by myself! I rock. Now wish me luck on my second fundraiser tomorrow! Thinking about putting a sign near the intersection by the Expo center where they're having the Dirty Girl Mud Run (day 2) so we can maybe get some traffic that way. Hope we raise lots of money! Have a great weekend everyone!
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