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Saturday, August 18, 2012

I fear that this may be a bit lost in translation but still.

By a huge coincidence, Diana Princess of Wales and Mother Teresa, both good people who did a lot for other people though in radically different ways, died the same week nearly 15 years ago. Less noticeably the theatre critic Jeffrey Bernard, notorious for having a glass too many and missing copy deadlines died the same week See

So shortly afterwards, I saw this joke on telly.

St Peter is standing at the Pearly Gates. He sees Princess Diana coming up to him, followed a short distance by Mother Teresa. 'Best behaviour,' he says to himself. 'These are definitely the Right Sort of People.' So they reach him and he starts making the sort of stilted polite small talk you make with people you don't know and have just met. During an awkward pause in the conversation, he glances past them, and sees Jeffrey Bernard coming up the hill behind them.

A look of indescribable relief comes over St Peter's face and his body language relaxes.

'Jeff!,' he shouts. 'Come on up! My round!'
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