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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I haven't meant to ignore anyone. Ive been fighting a losing battle with a bacterial infection called Staph. This is my second infection in a 3 week period. 7 years ago I was hospitalized for the MRSA infection above my left eye, which left me with scar tissue and damaged muscles but I was healthy. It was incredibly terrifying. I don't like hospitals. I learned to be obsessively clean (huge reason I don't do gyms or share towels) and have avoided infections for 7 years now. Apparently Staph is a nasty bacteria that once colonizes never actually leaves the body, it remains until it finds your immune system is lowered from illness or stress or you have an open wound. Most everyone has Staph on their skin, some are just more susceptible to infections, unlucky me. For the most part Ive excepted that periodically I will have flesh eating bacterial infections ON MY FACE(Ive only ever gotten them on my face.) for the rest of my life. But today I had a complete melt down, this last week has been exhausting and expensive. in and out of the doctors, can barely eat, nauseating medication, the awful pain, headaches, all I do is sleep. Im missing out on my child and I realized I did nothing differently than I have the last several years Ive been infection free- except for stress. Me being sick has caused our summer family vacation to be postponed, inevitably I, at some point will miss out on more important times in my daughters life as well. All because I didn't wash my hands well enough when I had a summer job at a petstore. I feel like a walking germ. All I want is to feel healthy again so I can clean everything and play with my kid.
I a m d e p r e s s e d.

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    I will be praying for you, that is a given. You are so beautiful, & this is awful what happened to you. My father in law had MIRSA & Staph. I need back surgery they want to cut be down the middle then down my back to insert rods. I have really really bad scoliosis . However; I will put up with the pain everyday because I am afraid of those two infections.I work in a pharmacy & see too much.When I use to go to the gym that was my major concern also. I no longer go. I have seen people not even wipe down the equipment they us, then when they bring out the mats for class they sweat on them & never ever wiped them down I always took my own then when I would bring it home it got a good scrubbing from being on that floor. Take Care, I hope your husband is supprotive
    1967 days ago
    Ouch. :( I'm sorry you're going through this and I hope it improves quickly!
    1985 days ago
    Hugs - I hope you get over this quickly!
    1985 days ago
    emoticon i know how you feel this last week i have a really bad bacterial infection on both my legs,feel neusious,totally factigues and have no energy for skins burns seemingly from under the skin.been given antibiotics(strong ones )and have to keep feet up and have cold compresses on the legs.donĀ“t know if it will leave scars or not.hang ibn there.the treatment should soon kick in and you will feel alot better.get well soon. emoticon
    1986 days ago
    First of all... HUGS!

    I can understand why you're so feeling so miserable. Staph is terrifying - my baby sister (she's almost 21) has reoccuring issues with infections on her legs and feet. :(

    There's probably nothing I can say to convince you... but I'll say it anyways. You can't blame yourself for getting sick. Even the most OCD people can catch an infection.

    Your daughter is probably a bit afraid and confused but I bet you're carrying on like the strong mama you are. A missed vacation isn't going to ruin her life! I think you're being too hard on yourself! Now get back to your normal a**-kickin' self and kick out that nasty bacteria pronto!

    Get well soon!
    1986 days ago
    i have gotten staph once but luckily never MRSA. I know several people who have gotten them due to a gym. A friend who teaches gymnastics has gotten MRSA several times. I teach jiu-jitsu which is a grappling art and use two soaps that significantly cut down on the incidences of skin infections in my class. One is called Defense soap and Super Body Care Soap. They are both natural soaps that use tea tree oil as well as other natural oils. Most of the women in my group love the Super Body Care Soaps because they smell better. They may help so check out their web sites.
    1986 days ago
    I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. Staph is very scary and most people get it while in the hospital for other things. My mom has had it, and it's nasty!
    I hope you get back to health very soon so you can spend more time with you daughter, you both deserve that time. Keep on smiling, you will get through this, I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers your direction!
    1986 days ago
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