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The equation is simple

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The equation is simple.
Especially with the basics.

I drink enough = less cravings
I move enough = less cravings
I track my food = stay in budget
I sleep enough = less cravings
I eat fibers = feel satiety
I write blogs = get feedback
I'm active on forums = motivation up
I eat slowly = feel full with less
I skip sweets = feel full without extra snacks

Some of these are strong, some of these are less.

I noticed lately that my weight is going slightly up. Not much, I am between 75-77 kg in the past months.

When I follow my habits well, things keep in shape, when I don't it shows on my weight.

My mantra is that is shouldn't be about willpower. If it's about willpower, there is a high chance to fail. So, probably I have to review these habits, because they are not "habity" enough just to stay there.

I have habits that are strong, and I don't even think about them, and they just happen.
- Measuring my weight in the morning
- Exercising every day (min 10)
- Burn calories every week (3000-5000 kcal/week, by 30-60 min exercise per day)
- Reading motivating magazines/books/movies
- Measuring portions
- Reading labels
- Deciding on nutritional value
- Eating salad or similar for dinner
- Eating lots of vegetables and fruits
- Skipping salt
- Dark chocolate, yogurt, fruits for snack and desert
- Granola bars and müsli for breakfast
- Taking exercise gear with me when traveling
- Commuting by bike and walking (instead of driving)
- Motivating my self by coaching friends
- Having an exercise goal to follow
- Brushing teeth after breakfast
- Sleep 8h a day

I think the list of healthy things are really longer then the ones that need improvement.

This is the parliament in Budapest, Hungary. I was there last weekend, and I was wearing my running shoes for motivation for walking. It was great, I did several hours both days!
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