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Thursday, August 16, 2012

So, exactly a month ago I started this healthy diet which has proved to help many people lose weight. I saw my own sister-in-law lose all her post pregnancy fat being on this diet. The problem is this - I have lost about 2-2.5kgs in the past month and I am not very happy. I have had people tell me that they lost about 4 kgs in the first month of this diet and I was kinda hoping for the same. Obviously, that did not happen and it's pulling me down. I know most of the people reading this blog will think I am ungrateful and stupid but those who have been following my blogs know that I am doing this to lose weight for my wedding. The in laws to be are creating a huge problem as they think I am over weight and not fit to marry their son. I have time till December to prove them otherwise. I am 70.7 kgs as of today and I want to be under 60 by December. That isn't that tough, right? The thing is I am seeking help from all you wonderful people to tell me that 2.5kgs is still good for someone who has barely seen weight loss in the last decade. I will be able to reach 60 by december, right? This is taking too much of my thinking time. I think I am obsessed.

P.S. This is a very healthy diet, prescribed by a doctor. I also work out 6 days a week to maintain the calorie in calorie out balance.

Hoping to hear from you all.
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  • LOTUS737
    I get the in-law thing, it's one thing about Indian people that I hate- and it's ironic that they care about how skinny we are BEFORE we get married but don't even set a good example themselves of maintaining! Regardless, I hope this program is sustainable eating and that you're getting enough calories in compared to how much you work out. If you're not eating enough (crazy thought, I know), you won't lose as quickly as if you are! I never believed it but saw the difference myself in the past.

    Otherwise it sounds like you're doing a great job sticking with your plan and working out. Make sure you change up your exercise routine, increase time/resistance/speed for cardio and increase weights for strength training to keep challenging your body.

    I hope you're feeling healthier and stronger and that at the end, what started as motivation to lose weight due to outside pressures you feel great and ultimately did it for yourself!
    1865 days ago
    You are doing amazingly well! People who are much heavier DO lose weight faster (at least at first). 2.5 K at your weight is WONDERFUL! Your in-laws sound very petty and small minded -- your fiance chose YOU! emoticon
    1866 days ago
    It is a great achievement to lose 2.5kg in a month, it's a slow and steady loss. You will find that your boyfriends parents will always find something to say you don't measrure up. Some people are just like that, don't try to change something you cannot control.
    Your frustration with the weight loss will pass as long as you stick with it!
    best wishes.Sandra
    1866 days ago
    Whoa, I'd tell your in-laws to suck it up. You are who you are and he wants you just that way. Don't get sucked in to doing what they want/looking for their approval. If you get in that pattern they will never be happy and will always think they can tell you what to do.

    Losing weight and doing it in a healthy way is fantastic. But it should be for you, not others. And your loss is fantastic. The scale is moving the right way and you are building healthy habits. That is very positive stuff!
    1866 days ago
    Your Husband to be is way more important than your inlaws to be. Focus on him!! I have been working out 6 days per week for 3 1/2 weeks and eating appropriately. I have not lost ANY weight. I have lost inches though!! I am building muscle and I am losing fat, but apparently it's at just the right balance that my scale isn't moving. I know how frustrating it is, I really do, but I AM LOSING INCHES!!! YAY!!! Take your measurements. You may be getting smaller, more fit, healthier, ect even if the scale isn't showing much. You can do this. :)
    1866 days ago
    You certainly can lose the weight....but do it for yourself! Your husband to be chose you...not his family! emoticon
    1867 days ago
    Sis...stop focusing on improving the way your inlaws react to you. If they let you see this side of them will only get worse when you become "part of them". Lose whatever you need to for you...forget them. Be blessed and keep Sparkin'!!
    1867 days ago
    You should tell your in-laws-to-be to stop being so shallow, your weight has absolutely no bearing on your ability to be a good wife! And I think you already look awesome the way you are.
    But yeah you should totally be happy with that loss. I've been working my bum off the last few weeks and the result is that I gained half a pound. So at least you're heading in the right direction : )
    1867 days ago
  • *MADHU*
    emoticon Hope things work out for you emoticon emoticon
    1867 days ago
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