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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So, remember my running buddy, Sarah, that I met out on the trail?

Here is yet another photo I stole from Sarah's FB page:

Yes, gentleman...she's available! Haha.

RECAP: Sarah and I passed each other on our regular morning runs almost every day. We would pass each other twice around the same spot on the trail every time. She had the sweetest smile and was so cheerful and always said, "Good morning!" I really wanted to know her story, so one day before my run, I penned a quick note and took it with me, hoping she would be out on the trail. Of course she was! So, as we got closer to passing each other, I yelled, "I have a note for you!" And I passed it to her. On the second pass, she introduced herself and said she'd e-mail me.

A couple weeks later, we had coffee for about half an hour, chatted about running and realized we were meant to be running buddies. We agreed to go on a short run together...an easy 5 miler. I had never run with a partner before. It was so much fun!

We decided, rather spontaneously, to do a long run together on a Saturday. 7 miles. That was awesome too! But, that was the fateful day of my ankle injury.

We had texted each other a couple times since then. She has been such a sweet, uplifting force for me through this time of injury and we have missed running together.

The other day, Sarah announced that she would join me for Deep Water Exercise. I was so proud of her for going out of her comfort zone.

And this is when it happened...

Try and put yourself in Sarah's shoes (probably Asics) for a second.

There's this girl that is close to your age that you keep seeing on the trail. One day this freak passes you a note...like it's high school or something. In the note, she calls you beautiful, but also makes sure you know that she isn't hitting on you. What a weirdo. But points for originality.

You meet her for coffee and it's fun! Yay! Instant friend!

You go running together once and decide it was worth it. Let's do it again!

Awww....friend is injured...no more running buddy for at least a month. Maybe it would be supportive and fun to go to deep water exercise with her.

Then, as you are struggling not to drown, she lays this one on you...

"So...do you wanna train for triathlons with me?"


Here's the best part, Sparkfriends. She thought for about, I don't know...one minute...and said, "OK, let's do it!"

Ahahahahaha! YES!

So...here we are. Two virtual strangers checking out swim instructors/classes and planning to split the bill. Biking will be next, but we can only handle one or two things at a time, you know. (Oh, did I mention she also plays tennis?)

We must be nuts. Barely knowing each other and agreeing to forge into this completely unknown territory together. But, the thing is...we don't feel like strangers. It's AMAZING what can happen on a short 5-mile run. So much sharing...so much common ground discovered. And it really doesn't take long to know when someone is a kindred spirit, does it?

Anyway, it might be insane, but it's fun...so...it'll be worth it. And I think we will only love ourselves more as we move through the process.
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