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Only half a year ago I stopped eating wheat...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

... and so much has changed.
Here are the links to my blogs from February 2nd and 3rd of this year:


As you may have guessed, I am now 100% sure that the book "Wheatbelly" is not a new diet scam but rather one of the most important books on health of the century.

It has been just over 6 months since I first stopped eating wheat. Yesterday was the first day this season that I walked my dogs through a wheat field that had just been harvested the day before. The grain trucks make nice wide paths lined with wheat straw as they haul off the precious gold to the closest grain elevator. There could not be a nicer running or hiking trail than this. I just heard the combine up the hill, will take a short break to take some pictures.
------------- Here are the results:

Combine harvesting wheat

Wheat transferred to truck

Truck dumping wheat at grain elevator

Blue Eagle in her pasture with combine in the background

A picture from a few days ago showing the dust in the air during harvest. The ridge in the background is only about 8 miles away and can usually be seen crisply against the blue sky.
In the front there is a harvested wheat field from last year that was sprayed with roundup for weeds. In the back a partially harvested field.
Tomorrow I will be riding my horse through the field in the photos. It makes for a great galloping hill. The owner gave us permission to ride on his land. He knows that we are responsible and will stay out of the way of harvesting equipment and out of the fields while the wheat is growing. He's a nice laid-back guy who inherited the farm from his dad. I talked to him just the other day as he was preparing to spray weeds. He let me know when and what he'd spray so I knew when to keep my animals out of the fields.
I have not talked to him about "Wheatbelly". I did not feel I knew him well enough for that. I did tell one friend whose husband is a local wheat farmer several months ago. She acknowledged what I said but did not raise the issue again on her own. Did she think I looked at her like a drug pusher?
I'm wondering what these farmers think, if they have heard all the health risks related to wheat. Maybe they have no idea? Maybe they think there are commercial interests here, some anti-farming lobby? Maybe some of them don't eat wheat themselves but see it as a good way to feed millions of hungry people around the world who have very little to eat?
I wonder how many of them have celiac disease or gluten-intolerance and don't know it, how many have severe arthritis in their joints, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory diseases in their body and they don't make the connection.
I wonder if they have considered growing other crops or turning their fields into prairie to graze cattle on it, the way it looked 150 years ago when the buffalo still roamed here.
Many cowboys currently work on dude ranches and would not mind returning to their old way of life...
I'm hoping something will change as the wheat market changes over time and the information about wheat gets out. I hope there is a way for things to change without farming families getting hurt. The average wheat farm in our area is several thousand acres with large sums of money invested in equipment, hoping for a good harvest to pay the enormous bills. Switching to a completely different crop would not be easy, if possible at all in the short run. Maybe switching to a gluten-free grain would be a great start.
There are some things that only God can change. Maybe this is one of them.

In the meantime I want to say that I am very grateful to Dr. Davis for writing his book. It has changed my life. I have gone from eliminating wheat to eliminating gluten to eliminating all grains and beans and my health and energy level are much better, not to mention that the last 10 lbs. came off for good while being able to eat as much as I like. I am very glad that there are cardiologists who help people to prevent heart disease rather than just treat it and hope that the medical profession as a whole will shift their focus in this direction. It would save lives and a lot of money.

Please spread the word in your community about "Wheatbelly". You will save lives!
Thank you Dr. Davis for setting a great example.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LOSER05
    love the pictures
    2038 days ago
    I agree, Gary Taubes books are a must-read. So are the books by Phinney and Volek.

    2039 days ago
    I really enjoyed the book too and was amazed at the amount of engineering that has gone in to transforming wheat over the last few years.

    I have cut all my carbs down for about 3 months now and am amazed at how slimmer I am and that I can eat way more calories and not gain weight.

    try reading "Why we get fat" by Gary Taubes....it's another great work
    2039 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    I haven't read the book either. I will if I can get it at the library. Glad this has worked out so well for you!
    2039 days ago
    wow this sounds like something I should look into. I will definitely be checking out this book to see if it can make similar changes in my life ^_^
    2039 days ago
    As Kelly said, there's a lot more "wrong" than wheat (especially for those of us who are genetic booboos).

    Congrats on making a healthy change!

    It's *my* belief, as an extreme case--like all lab rats, that EVERYONE can do better without grains and legumes. Period. That's a lot to ask. It was too much of me to ask til I got off all grains, saw improvements and then noticed more problems with the things I truly loved (beans and peas!). My brother just rang asking about the latest "freebies" from my pantry: adzuki beans. They're tough on everybody's gut. They're REALLY tough on my goofy gut.

    I'm around 8 months (didn't try to be strict Paleo -- it's just what the first phase of an elimination diet looks like...and I'd read about Paleo and thought it was a fad like everybody else, til I read *more*) and while it's the least of things, my FILLED IN HAIR is major. That comes to me because I'm a month into a lupus flare, where my hair started falling out again BUT it had not been doing that for 7 months! That's just hair! emoticon
    2039 days ago
    Nice blog Birgit - congrats on getting your 6 month wheat free pin.

    2039 days ago
    Thanks for posting. That's a lot of information!
    2039 days ago
  • KELLY122581
    I haven't read wheatbelly... so I don't know what it is about really..... but I know that I had 15 years of severe joint pain and found out that a couple years ago that it was triggered by an allergic reaction to milk (I found that out through my own research in the medical journals and trial and error). In the same articles, I found that the other major culprits for allergic joint pain are wheat, soy, pork, and tree nuts. In that order I think. I don't *think* i have issues with wheat.... but I've never eliminated it from my diet. Maybe it is something interesting to check out... it would only take 2 weeks...... i've recently had a little joint pain returning, and I fear it is a new allergy forming....
    2040 days ago
    This is what I had read about as you know.
    2040 days ago
    2040 days ago
    awesome such a good book,
    2040 days ago
    I was at the dr yesterday for my severe sciatica.... and I mentioned that I didn't have any arthritic pain anymore and was sure it was cos i had eliminated wheat and most grains from my diet. He said okay. he really is the reg. dr who thinks all this stuff is hoooeeey. If he wasn't so great at all the rest and helping me with my long term disability stuff I don't know just wish he was even more receptive to listening.
    But thats okay I also realized that my back isn't itchy, I have had an itchy back since I was a kid, really bad and later would pay my kdis pennies to put in their piggy bank if they would scratch it. So I won't be back on wheat and now to find what causes such nerve pain!
    2040 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2040 days ago
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