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Officially have passed a week of diligence - now what?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh my. It is so easy to have that first week 'raring to go' motivation, isn't it? You count every calorie, log every minute of movement, diligently track EVERYTHING on SP. And lose 2 or 3 pounds which is fantastic.

And then week 2 starts. Wahwaaaaaaaaa.

Will I still have my enthusiasm at the same levels? What if I don't lose any weight this week? Will my raring to go attitude, well, go?

This is the dreaded week 2. This is the week that will determine if I will be successful. It is historically the hardest week for me in any weight loss plan. I know what will happen. I will either not lose any weight, or worse, gain back what I did lose, as my body attempts to adjust. This is where I get discouraged.

I was telling my husband all of this over breakfast this morning. I told him I simply can't get discouraged and give up. As he ate his Froot Loops (hey - I can only be a personal food nazi right now - and we are moving towards no sugary breakfasts for him) - he just smiled and said, 'yes but this time is different.'

'Why?' I asked.

'Because you've already been INTO week 2, still following the plan, before you realized you were. You've already succeeded.'

And it dawned on me that he is right. Week 2 has historically been discouraging because I was expecting it to be. I made it fail by expecting to fail.

So, as simple as this sounds, I don't want to fail during week 2. So I won't. Anybody out there want to succeed this week with me?

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