Personal trainer session/rant

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Todays personal training session and husband rant lol
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    Glad you got a good assessment from the trainer. You will get so much more out of the workouts. emoticon
    1576 days ago
    Hi Alesha,

    Don't fret about this. I know that you were unhappy at the moment, but it will get better. Men - I should say mens at very result oriented - like we are not, but they can be anal in their thoughts. You said - you been at this for 10 years and his comments to me appear to be knee jerk reaction. As you continue to develop and change, he may just decide that this was his idea. Weeping may endure for the night, but Joy does come in the morning.
    Hey, Sis, I am 5'10 and my goal is 175-180. I am truly enjoy this journey now and glad to have a barometer to gage especially someone at my height. Have a nice day.
    1576 days ago
    so glad you are able to get a personal trainer!! i think it will make a world of diff for you for sure. :) ugh, don't get me started on the hubby issue, lol. hope he sees the bigger picture for you and that he has a change of heart about it all. :)

    1576 days ago
    I'm glad you enjoyed your first session with your trainer! I know what you mean by needing someone there with you to encourage you to keep going. I'm a full time student so I unfortunately cannot afford one, however my university is known for its physical education programs so I do have a few friends who are studying nutrition and fitness who help me out.

    I'm sorry to hear about your husband not being totally on board with your decision. It can be difficult to fully be happy with your decision when someone who is very important to you is against it. He is right about one thing though, you do look stunning. I hope that you do great progress with your trainer and that your hubby warms up to the idea.
    1577 days ago
    Hey Alesha

    Your hubby will come around, just keep on doing you.
    Iím a personal trainer here in Alabama, and I donít do it anymore Ėbecause I donít see why they make your physical weight an issue, but some gym do. So, Iíve gained and Iím pushing hard to get my weight back in control. My husband is supportive now Ėbecause 1 I want to be happy, and whatever makes me happy makes the whole house happy. Also! If Iím happy then heís happy. I donít rant as much. I just throw the things he does in his face, and he does not like that. My husband plays golf 2 times a week. I donít complain about the 60 dollars he spend on playing golf, but I toss it in his face, because he goes and do as he please with his money. So! I do what I please with mines, and ask for no lip serviceÖ So if youíre paying it should not be any complaints. I will tell my husband that in a heartbeat. I did get some more money from my husband to go towards my food, and thatís an extra 100$. No bitching happen, he just upped it, because he sees Iím fully committed. Heíll come around. I donít understand why our husbands think we doing wasteful spending when we really arenít. My husband would flip over a pair of 900$ and thatís understandable, but spending 100s on food and the barÖ OH MY WORDÖ What do you get out of it? ďThink about thisĒ my mom always tell me. A expensive #1 . Youíre going to get a full body makeover with what you are doing with that moneyÖ SO I would not feel bad or trip on his thoughts. Iím just saying.

    1577 days ago
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