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Getting Stronger!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tonight's workout was great for my self-esteem!

Last Friday, my session with the trainer left me feeling like a weakling. While he told me that was his job, it was disheartening.

But a few days of active recovery have left me in much better shape!

Tonight we started with high-platform side step jumps to warm up (2 minutes). I certainly wasn't jumping by the end, but the platform was higher than it's ever been so I felt good.

Then we moved on to some full-body moves. I laid down on the step and held a 20-pound medicine ball. He had me lift the ball over my head and do a French press, then hold the ball straight out while I did a sit-up. At the top of the sit-up, I had to stand up and press the ball over my head. I did this for 2 minutes, then did straight sit-ups for a minute (with the ball), then did the stand-up press for a minute before going back to the full range of motion for another minute, and repeat. After the 8th minute, I got to put the ball down and go immediately into lower ab work. This was a minute of double-knee raises (lifting my butt up off the bench), followed by a minute of scissor kicks. Repeat.

I did 12 minutes of ab work without any rest! Go me!!

I got a 2-minute break and then we moved on to kettlebells. I did a minute each of double-arm raises, double-arm chest presses, alternating single-arm raises, and two minutes of a double-arm raise, shoulder press sweep combo. My trainer said he was impressed! Last time I did kettlebells I had to rest after 2 minutes, and I did 5 straight, took a 30-second break, and then did a couple more on shoulder raises and bicep curls.

Then I got to lay down on the floor for a torture session of bridges and planks. I did a 60-second plank and a variety of minute-long bridge sessions (single-leg raises, double-leg bridges, bridge with kick, and static hold). After that part was over, I sat up and my trainer pointed to the sweat puddle I left behind and said, "wow, your sweat angel looks buff!"
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I can say that I've never heard that compliment before, but I'll take it!

For the last part of the workout, we revisited abs. Did straight up sit-ups without weights, bicycle crunches, oblique reaches, and toe-touch crunches. After a nice stretch, I was feeling pretty good. But then my trainer commented on how few breaks I took and how much stronger I am now. So then I felt even better!

Can't wait to see what the next workout brings.
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