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Are You Fierce?

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Monday, August 13, 2012

It occurred to me yesterday that, in a couple days, I will already be halfway through my time in the walking boot. Two weeks down and two to go. My ankle is feeling a lot better, but then again, I haven't tried to necessarily put any weight on it. Still...it's healing. And, no, I do not walk around my house with the boot on 24/7, so I do have *some* idea of how it's doing...it's not like it's a full cast where I'm losing muscle mass daily, etc. It just feels...normal. That's a good thing, I think.

What's interesting is that I really haven't had much time to fret over the healing of my ankle. Yeah, I freaked in the beginning. But my ortho couldn't have been more merciful in putting me in a walking, removable boot.

I've been doing literally every other form of exercise that is non-weight bearing that I possibly can. My arms are RIPPED, y'all! For now, elliptical and bike are still out...but I have become more familiar with water than I have in a long time.

To be honest, I sort of dreaded water workouts, because it just seemed like a huge pain in the neck to figure out a schedule, then DRIVE to a pool and get my workout in. To be sure, it is a little more complicated than walking out my front door and running for an hour...but, it's amazing how simple things become when you are fiercely determined to do them.

Before this injury, I wouldn't have even considered going to the faculty/staff deep water exercise classes that are held from 5:30pm-6:15pm every single day after work. Don't want to miss an extra hour with my kids!!! Guilt city there! But...as it turns out...my family understands my desperate need for a workout right now and they don't really care if I come home an hour later than usual. They know this makes me happy and better able to serve them.

Do you know how long my kettlebell sat in a corner after I bought it? But you better believe I dragged that sucker out and it has got some use this past two weeks...along with my resistance band and my 5 lbs hand weights.

Do you know how DIFFICULT it was for me to make good food choices before this injury? But, hell...when I begin to feel desperate and realize that this is the KEY to continuing to lose weight, even while injured, suddenly it doesn't seem AS hard to make healthy choices for myself.

And, lo and behold, the scale is finally honoring the combined effort of exercise and diet that I am all-out fighting for these days!

I thought I was dedicated before. I thought I had a great program before. I really thought I was making the right choices before. And I really was...up to a point.

But this little injury/setback has taught me that there was a lot more I could have been doing. I didn't even SEE it! I just couldn't understand why I wasn't losing weight!

Well, truth is...I hadn't truly decided to...I wasn't 110% all in. And I didn't even know that I wasn't all in. How's that for helpful? Lol.

There was an initial switch in my brain that flipped back in April when I began running. It was the switch to accepting and working towards a healthy lifestyle.

And then there was this most recent switch...as Emeril would say, we kicked it up a notch. This was the switch to making that healthy lifestyle happen. There's something fierce about this switch.

If there's another on the horizon....well, that's almost frightening.

What about you? Where are you in your journey of fitness and food? BE HONEST. You don't have to tell me, but for goodness sake, be honest with yourself.

Are you fierce?

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