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Monday, August 13, 2012

I really do miss blogging everyday! Life, though, has been very busy and the good news is that I just realized that I've now been involved in healthy habits going into SIX MONTHS NOW. That's a first EVER. I feel amazing, I feel so hopeful.. but always on my guard. I know that my motivation can change from day to day, sometimes from minute to minute. But the cool thing I've learned is that mistakes are part of the process - the important thing is to KEEP GOING. So despite hiccups along the way, I have now lost 68.2 pounds since March 1. That's an average of 2.96 pounds per week! I am almost halfway to my first major goal (weighing 200 pounds) but I'm not focusing on weight - just the healthy day to day decisions that are changing my life in a good and PERMANENT way.

People keep saying, "What's the secret?" When I say, "Eat right and exercise" they always look crestfallen. I know how they feel, but it makes me sad that we are so into quick fixes. I'm happy to say that I'm over that - it's not a 'SECRET' - it's just changing your lifestyle. Change always hurts AT FIRST. Then it becomes the norm and it's much more comfortable. Now, if I try to go back to my old ways - THAT HURTS - and in retrospect, it has happened very quickly! Halfway to goal in 6 months? Eating healthy because it's "what I do" and not a chore? Exercising (almost) daily because it's "what I do" and just a part of my normal day? OMG.

I feel like a Super Hero!

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