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Back to School!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Let me start this blog off by saying that I'm thrilled for the break in the heat that we have been having. I have had my a/c off for three days now. My electric bill has been up in the $200.00 range the past two months. I'm thrilled to give the old a/c a break.

It's also been some great running weather. Nothing like the rush of the cool wind on your face. Instead of the humidity in the air adding to the sweat all ready running down everywhere. It has been nice.

DQ starts school (2nd grade) tomorrow... and I haven't back to school shopped yet. I thought about it countless times... but I didn't do it. Now I get to run out and do it all last minute on my lunch break today. I'm so smooth! V starts Kindergarten on Friday. She is my wild card. So I am nervous about it for her. She seems nervous to leave daycare too, but I've been trying to ease her into it. We have been talking about it a lot. Hopefully that will help.

I have been exercising faithfully for 6 weeks now. I am proud of that. But I haven't seen any loss. I assume it is because I am still eating pretty poorly. So.... I sent M to the grocery yesterday and he bought healthy things. Fresh fruits/veggies. Portabello mushrooms (to make burgers... that I will be trying for the first time ever... I'm not much of a fungus eater). Anyway - long story short.... it was expensive. I have budgeted $100.00 per week for our groceries (family of 4), and he spent $165. That is part of the reason I hate eating healthy.... it's so expensive. A tiny box of wild rice was $4.00. I'm trying to use a SP Meal plan, because planning what to eat myself ends in disaster then I get frustrated and binge. There were so many items on the shopping list! I didn't even get them all either. Just crazy. So my question to you is - what are your eating healthy on a budget secrets?

This week's fitness plans:
Sunday: Rest emoticon
Monday: 5K training emoticon
Tuesday: Yoga / Str training
Wednesday: 5K training
Thursday: Yoga / Str training
Friday: 5K training
Saturday: Zumba / Str. training

Have a fantastic week my friends!!
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    I need to learn to shop. I spend too much money on food, but at least lately the fruits and veggies haven't been going to waste. I saw a deal for a website, that planned meals for you and for your budget. I wish I could remember what it was called. I almost joined and then I forgot. emoticon Congratulations on your fitness streak! Don't worry about the scale right now. As all your healthy choices become habits. It will be forced to move down. emoticon

    Just checked my Living Social Deals. They have one right now for $20 for a 12 month membership to this siteā€¦.

    Here's the link to the Living Social Deal. I'm not sure if this is the one I saw before, but it was definitely similar. I might just have to try it out myself.
    2047 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/14/2012 11:56:30 AM
    Kudos to the exercise! Also, I'm joining you in frustrated land of non-moving scales and I really feel like I'm doing a LOT in both the exercise AND good eating so...sigh...

    just need to keep on tweaking. Now I'm fat, but feel great and my clothes are looser (woo hoo for me!) What is the alternative? Going back to being a carb freak, being fat and feeling like crap. No thank you. Hey, I think I know what the title to my next blog is....LOL.

    At any rate re: food. That is hard as prices are going up and up everyday. Instead of focusing on fancy recipes, focus on food groups so you can take advantage of sales or bulk buying e.g

    Breakfast - choose one:
    8 oz fruit (fresh or frozen) and 8 oz fat free yogurt or
    2 eggs, slice of whole wheat bread, piece of fruit or
    apple, banana, orange and a 1 oz low fat cheese

    12 oz salad (salad and veggies like cukes, tomatoe, olives etc) 4 oz protein (any kind-egg, meat or fish) 2 tbsp dressing (measure it out) plus 8 oz cooked veg (any kind) if you are still hungry. Use canned or frozen vegs if you are in a rush, or can not shop often.

    4 oz protein (any kind, meat egg, fish)
    8 oz cooked veg or salad
    1tsp healthy oil (olive etc)
    1 fruit

    snack: One fruit

    This is the idea that I use as a "template"....then I'm not married to buying the expensive thing required for fancy recipes....

    Good luck sweetie! emoticon
    2047 days ago
    Wow, your schools start early. Ours (in Mi and also where we will be in France) don't start until the day after Labor Day. The MI schools tried to start in August for awhile but the parents staged a revolt and started refusing to send their kids in since the new schedule interfered with those last vacations before and up to the holiday.

    For eating healthy on a budget bulk where you can. Examples, I will buy a bag of beans and then spend a Sunday cooking the entire bag, portioning the cooked beans into 1 cup servings and throwing them in the freezer. A bag of rice should cost a lot less than a single box of packaged rice. Buy frozen fruits & veggies when appropriate, they are generally cheaper than cans, and sometimes cheaper than fresh depending on what you are buying and what is in season. Use a website like to find recipes that use ingredients you already have to cut down on how much you have to buy, you'd be surprised at what you can make with what is in your pantry already. Use coupons as much as possible (I'm sure that's a given already) and see if anyone you know would want to go in on any bulk purchases so you get the benefit of the cheaper per unit price without wondering how on earth you will ever use 1000 rolls of toilet paper lol. And finally, see what you can (and possibly should) do without - I started out by cutting my Diet Pepsi from my weekly list, then the kids' pop, then unhealthy snack foods like cookies and chips. We're to the point now where these are special once in a while treats and not items they will die without.

    2048 days ago
    Way to go on the exercise!! My son leaves for school Labor Day weekend. I still haven't gone school shopping. I don't know the answer on the food shopping. We spend a ton for groceries and a lot of it is fruits and veggies. I hope V does well on Friday!
    2048 days ago
    Oh man...I can't wait for school to start again! My kids go back to school AFTER Labor Day!!! It feels like forever!

    The weather here was supposed to ease up but so far I've not seen that happen. I'm so looking forward to temps in the mid 70's...that late summer/early fall time of year. Jeans on the weekends instead of shorts. You know what I mean??

    Eating healthy is quite expensive. We spend almost $200 a week on groceries...sometimes more. It's a darn shame. But we don't go out that much and don't do much else other than watch TV at home or play board games. So that's where we get the extra money for the better food. Sometimes I wish we could spend less and do more "things". Earlier this year we started biking and hiking more and taking walks. Unfortunately it's been too darn hot to deal with that of late. Another reason I'm looking forward to the cooler temps again.
    2048 days ago
    Red Tornado still has a few weeks to go. This is her last week of regular camp, then one week of horse camp, then one week of "stuck at home with mom" camp :)
    As far as eating healthy, we're eating a TON of fruit/veggies right now. Prettysundress is trying to push 10 servings a day (yea.. thats ALOT) but because it's summer, there are lots of farmer's markets out there where you can pick up stuff at a decent cost. So look around and see if there are any near you... that or small farms. The savings will add up.
    2048 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/13/2012 12:39:01 PM
    I am jealous of your weather and of your school year! I have two more weeks until the kids go back to school (Aug 27th), and at least another two months before we'll be able to turn off the a/c. Then again, there are days we have to put on the a/c during the winter...sigh.
    2048 days ago
    Eating on a budget:
    - I only buy freggies that are around $2.50 per pound or less.
    -I buy frozen veggies a lot of the time because they're cheaper.
    -Sometimes I buy huge packs of chicken breast at Sam's Club because the price is good. They also have GREAT chicken sausages but they're a bit more expensive.
    -I buy plain yogurt in tubs and portion it out then mix in my own toppings.
    -I buy cartons of egg whites at Sams' Club too due to price. They can be stored in the freezer if needed.
    2048 days ago
  • BICKEY11
    I too LOVE the break in the weather. Don't get me wrong, i'm ready to have the heat back to enjoy the pool some more, but my house was in SHAMBLES until the rain and cool weather came. My house is immaculate right now, which it has not been since...oh, I dunno....MAY!

    I have ONE suggestion on saving on the healthy foods and this might tough to do, but it does help you cut back. I'm not sure of your work schedule or your kids schedule, but i work full time and have a 5 & 14 year old and i've been doing pretty good with it. Try hitting the store on your way home every day, instead of stocking up for the week. (For my kids stuff, snacks and such, i hit up a bulk store and stash that stuff away once a month.)

    I stop on my way home, pick up ONLY what i want for dinner, breakfast & lunch, say 5 pork chops, frozen broccoli and a bag of potatoes for dinner. Eggs and a canteloupe for breakfast & snack. A frozen lean cuisine, some pretzels and carrot sticks for lunch & snack, and a box of low cal fudgecicles for a sweet treat. Then i go back the next day. I buy meat & veggie for dinner, and i already have potatoes, so i skip those. I still have canteloupe leftover & eggs, so i don't need those. Pick up a new lean cuisine and some hummus or low cal cream cheese to dip my pretzels in.

    I've found when i shop this way, I still get variety, because the canteloupe only lasts the whole family 3 days, and then I can switch to grapes or bananas or apples the next time. same with the pretzels, and eggs and everything else. If you only have 1 bag of potatoes and no other options for 3 days, you do mashed one day, baked another, grilled or roasted another day...and then you're out. So you pick up some rice dishes, or pasta the next few days. You will spend so much less if you don't goto the store with the mentality that you need 30 different options to last you one week. Try it if you can.
    2048 days ago
    Glad u set a exercise plan. I find its the best way to stay healthy. But now u have to work on that food situation. LOL! Don't starve yourself. Eat the food u like and even love but moderation and self control are key. Your lifestyle of eating all types of food can continue but those two factors will be key. Start tracking your food if you haven't started doing so already. It will help you to realize where your calories are going daily. Be blessed! Can't wait to hear of your weight loss success!
    2048 days ago
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