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WEEK 2 IN REVIEW - Jamie Eason's LIVEFIT 12-Week Trainer Challenge

Sunday, August 12, 2012

WOW! 2 weeks down and I feel GREAT (I can say that now that itís Sunday)! As expected, this past week was much better than last, but it wasnít all smooth sailing. There were some bumps along the road.

I ended Week 1 with 2 consecutive days of Bikram Yoga (Saturday and Sunday). It was hard, my muscles were still very sore, but I got through it. Then on Monday, I started my weight lifting routine for Week 2. All the soreness was gone so I was able to get through the routine fairly easily. I even increased my weights for almost every exercise. However, I still was not able to do the second set of push-ups. I was still too weak for that, but that was the only exercise I had to miss out on. By the end of the week, I felt pretty good and Iím looking forward to changing it up on Monday.

Since I went back to my old job, Iíve been quite busy. I havenít been able to work out at lunch so I go after work. I get to work about 7:15am and go pretty much non-stop until 4pm. Iím either going from meeting to meeting or dealing with this crisis or that crisis. I forgot how stressful that job can be. On Wednesday (what I call Hellacious Meeting Day), I didnít get to eat lunch until 3pm! That put me in such a bad mood so I skipped my workout and went home and binged slightly. I think it was actually a good thing because that was the first break I had from working out in about 10 days. And since I ate more calories, it made up for the 2 days prior when I didnít eat enough.

Yes, I saidÖdidnít eat enough. Who knew that that was even possible??? I never had a problem eating enough, but with all the protein Iím taking in, Iím just not that hungry. I really have been trying to eat every 3 hours, so maybe thatís helping too. Iíd say not eating enough is OK, but itís really not. Not only do I need to meet all my nutritional requirements for myself, I need to produce enough milk for my 5 Ĺ month old son. I can confirm that itís essential to eat at least 1800 calories while breastfeeding. My supply tanked when I went lower than that. After the Wednesday debacle, I think Iíve recovered so the milk machine is working normally!

I have to give a shout-out to my husband, Greg (even though I know he doesnít read this)! Iím so thankful that this time around, heís supportive of my efforts and doesnít give me any grief about dieting and exercising too much, which he has done in the past. He usually comments on what I eat and how I weigh and measure everything, it drives me nuts! Not anymore. And he hasnít complained one time about how late I get back from work or how little time he gets to have to himself. Heís a stay-at-home dad so heís with boys all day. At least on the weekends, he gets some ďmeĒ time. I think he finally realizes how important it is for me to lose weight and get back to my old self. Iíll explain why itís so important to me next week - Itís not just personal, itís professional too.

As I said, itís been difficult eating everything thatís required. I think one of the reasons is because I added MRM protein shakes to my diet. I got chocolate and vanilla in the mail last week, so I am able to enjoy 8oz after my workout. They taste pretty good. Iíd say they taste like Carnation Instant Breakfast but ďthinnerĒ since I mix them with water instead of milk. I drink my shakes on my way home around from the gym, thatís only 2 hours before dinner. So I have to force myself to eat everything on my plate because Iím still full from the shake! Then thereís no way that Iím eating again at 9pm (which is part of the plan), so I end up eating 2-3 Trader Joeís Dark Belgian chocolate covered almonds. Yummm! Yes, I know theyíre not in the meal plan, but I like them, and theyíre actually good for me too. It works.

Iíd say I stuck with the meal plan about 80% again. I eat about 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fat. I supplement with MRM 100% all-natural protein shakes, multi-vitamins, Omega-3, and Cal/Mag/Zinc.

So lets talk about RESULTS. I donít know if itís because Iím losing weight (hopefully itís fat) or tightening up, but after only 1 week, I lost 1 inch in my waist, ľ inch from my hips, and another 2.5lbs!!! I can actually see the difference in the mirror. I was more than thrilled when I stepped on the scale this morningÖI was down to 180lbs!!! I still think itís weird to be happy weighing 180 (I used to think I was completely disgusting at 150), but considering where Iíve been, Iím thrilled. And for entertainment purposes only, yesterday I tried on my size 12 pants. They FIT! Well, I could button them up. I would never go anywhere in them because I could barely move, but I got them on!

To end the week, I continued with my back-to-back Bikram classes @ 4:30pm Saturday and Sunday. It feels just too good.

Tomorrow is the first day of Week 3 and the start of the muscle-building phase. Bring it on!!!
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    awesome! Probably water weight and a little bit fat. :) Water weight its amazing how much you loose when your bloated. I did a cleanse once before for a C-oscopy. Well lost 10 pounds. hehehe.

    Keep up the great work!
    1580 days ago
    Great Job can definitely see results! long does the workout take to complete? I am looking to start weight training but I still want to run so I wasn't sure if I would have time to fit in both every day...can you let me know! Thanks dear! emoticon
    1580 days ago
    Awesome!!! You are already having great results. I see it big time through your waist:) As LFF said, you will work yourself into eating more. It feels odd to be saying, ugh, more food! I also find that the protein shakes fill me up. Strange how much considering, like you, I mix with water (like them thinner). WTG on week 2. Here's to having a fabulous week3!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1580 days ago
    Already on your way to great results! Keep it up!

    The food plan is generally a gradual shift for most. It took me a few weeks to fit in even 5 meals a day and had trouble eating enough until, oh week 7 or 8 when I was FAMISHED (i.e. body told me I needed more fuel). I might suggest a smaller dinner if you're too full to eat 3 hours later. Are you using one of the "small meal" options from the Phase 1 plan or a standard American-size meal?

    1580 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1580 days ago
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