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It might be a blog, blog month! When I'm working through 'stuff' I blog through it!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

emoticonOkay you've been warned...August may be a blog, BLOG month. You surely don't have to feel obligated in reading them...absolutely not..it's just MY way of venting and putting my thoughts out there in the universe so that I can release the incessant rumblings from my head..wowsa...that's ONE way to put it right? emoticon emoticon

This month has started off pretty disappointing..and my USUAL way of dealing with frustrations and disappointments of course was eating them! Just stuffing my face with wild abandon and then feeling even MORE dismal when I realized that I wasn't SOLVING a darn thing with this method...only that I was making myself MORE miserable by gaining weight in the process.

When I joined spark in 2009 I said ENOUGH of that process...and started looking for more creative stress relief remedies. I created vision boards (thanks SoulCollegeSue) I got busy with my team challenges(thanks NannerNanner&Patricia for our Determined Team and our TeddyBear team and my Earth Angels team) and of course then there was my MOST beloved stress relief the exercise of blogging...just laying it all out there for the world to see...the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. It accomplished my most important mantra of 'the truth shall set you free'...or ahem at least get the rattlings of your brain to calm down as you assimilated them into the written word.

Sometimes the BEST form of therapy is simply telling the truth. Stepping out of the shadows and into the bright light of day is quite liberating. Showing yourself for WHO you are...warts and all is gutsy and pretty awesome..if scary and reckless in a vulnerable way all at the same time.

My hubs read a few of my blogs (but honestly I think he reads ALL of them..just to see what makes me tick) and said with shocked concern..."Bobbi you CERTAINLY aren't going to write about THAT now are you?" Yep...I go there...too.

I always get vibes about my friends and my circles and I've gotten nothing (well MOSTLY nothing)...but fantastic and loving support from my dear friends. That was AFTER I learned that you just don't talk politics or religion...even in BLOG world! emoticon

So I chronicle my days as I have time, and do my mental workout by doing my best to make sense of what is happening to me and the hubs, our senior kitty, and our close circle of friends. I rattle on about the injustice of some things and the sheer wonder and kindness of strangers in others. This keeps my hands and fingers busy and OUT of the refrigerator.

Call it 'distraction action' focused AWAY from the hand to mouth syndrome called self medicating through food addiction. Yep...I said it..food CAN be an addiction and if you don't seriously sit down with yourself and find out WHY you need to stuff feelings that should be allowed to come up and face the harsh light of day..and attempt to examine them and analyze WHY they are making you miserable...well we my friend have some work to do.

Self work is the HARDEST work! You have no one to lean on, no one to pass the buck to...only your own sweet self. Most of us are SO supportive and SO giving to others and treat ourselves like total crap. I'm done with that...therefore I work on myself with blog therapy.

It's a side show let me tell you so strap on your seatbelt...grab your popcorn and read up. ONE day I'll get my world right...I'm determined!

From my last blog you know I'm MIGHTY upset about the state of the 'save our home' fight.

I thought we had the perfect dream team for our defense. Lawyers that I've heard strike fear in the hearts of lenders. EXPENSIVE this firm is..but you get what you pay for right?

At this point and from my last blog...I'd have to say wrong! emoticonBut the jury is still out and I may just be a babe in the woods of naivety. It's happened before...if you tell me something..I'm going to believe you...or erp...until your actions prove otherwise. But in the case of foreclosure defense you are pretty much out there swinging from the limb. The court system is a maze and not one to be navigated alone..so they've got you by the short hairs! emoticonOoops no insult intended, my blogs may need a PG rating from time to time! emoticonWhen I get on a 'tear' about some things I just let ur fly.

Our neighbor contacted us the other day about possibly taking their dining room set into the consignment gallery. It's a pretty set circa 1970's but still in GREAT condition. My only concern is the china cabinet, and they want the entire set to go as a package. People just don't entertain much anymore so china buffets are a hard sell. I have a huge cherry one in the gallery right now and the only reason I took that in is because the husband said his wife told him that if he came back home with it ...she'd kill him.

emoticonOkay...I told you I do my part to keep the peace in the human race..therefore the china buffet hogging up perfectly usable space in our gallery shoving out any other item that would have about 500 better chances of selling. I can be a toughie...but I do have that soft spot for beleaguered husbands too. emoticonIt's just who I am...AND I HATE seeing a grown man with the look of terror in his eyes! emoticon...on the verge of crying! emoticon emoticon

I told him he 'owed me'...and BIG time..he said..."sell it for whatever you can get out of it...I just CAN'T take it back...CAN'T!"

But back to our neighbor, the dining set is nice, dated but nice. And you know me I like kind of a retro vibe. I mostly like the dining table and chairs and the server with a marble top. Those Items I KNOW would sell...but the neighbor doesn't quite see it that way..we'll discuss more and reach a conclusion by next Tuesday. In the meantime she said she's going to put it on Craig's list and from prior experience she might as well just GIVE it away! I KNOW I have customers that scrounge out garage sales and Craig's list and STEAL merchandise from the owners and then THEY bring it in to consign it and make a crafty little profit. Oh well..if they've got the energy for that...good for them...but you'd think that the owners could figure this little scam out and contact the consignment shoppes on their own...wouldn't you?

Hey...just realized this is helpful information in case YOU ever decide to unload some of YOUR stuff! emoticonAnother community service! emoticon emoticon

So anyhow the neighbor and I are talking neighborhood stuff and I told her about the tragedy with our lawn guy's live in girlfriend and we are speculating on how such a horrific crime occurred and how hinky it is that he just happened....not to be there...at the actual event of the crime...because..pause...he...
just happened...to have forgotten bananas????? and ran back to the store at 9:30 p.m. to secure them. Weird huh? I bet more comes to light on this. And the neighbor tells me that the lawn guy as nice as he is...LOVES to brag to ANYONE that will listen about HOW much money he racks in with his lawn service...and how SO much of it is cash...duh...no wonder the break in...NO wonder the robbery and the murder...but still...it's OFF that HE just happened to NOT be there? emoticonI've still got my Columbo shoes on for this one.

BUT that's not the part of the conversation that stopped me FLAT in my tracks. She tells me that the foreclosure house next door to them had a death in it too....GASP..right in OUR neighborhood only at the end of the cul de sac. She said that the wife committed suicide because she was SO distraught about losing their home to foreclosure. This is SO sad to me...I'm VERY distraught...and honestly I've thought it might be a GREAT additional expense if the lender had to take people out in body bags...AND a complete record of the entire fiasco that the poor homeowners had gone through and the LENGTHS that they had taken to save their house was sent to the newspaper...with the final...hold on here...kicker being they ended it all in a FINAL protest...of death...and blood on the hands of the predator lender that caused them to take this last stand...NO better would be that the house exploded in a blast of final fury...okay...remember my son WAS a film~maker...guess who he took after?

That sounds radical and actually kookie...but let me tell you...people ARE desperate over this foreclosure mess...when you cast someone out from the sanctity of their SHELTER...there is going to be a price to be paid...seriously...if I could...I'd camp out on all those high falootin' bankers lawns and pitch my NEW home there(or better yet take up residency in their 3,000 ft GUEST HOUSES).... You don't want me in MY house...how about in YOUR house?

Back to the story...the neighbor told me that some speculator (who I honestly despise AS much as the lenders) bought this 3,200 sf foreclosure for $10,000. $10,000????? I almost swallowed my teeth...lucky they aren't dentures emoticon This scavenger STOLE this house that caused a woman to LOSE her life...for $10,000 friggin' measly dollars?

WHAT gives...if the bank dumped the house off it's books to some JOE BLOW nobody for ten grand...WHY couldn't they let the homeowner have it and retain their dignity AND extend their life...by doing likewise? All for the sake of getting the government hand out for clearing a bad loan off their books. Makes my stomach rumble! Plus...this is EXTRA rich...the creepster is renting the place out for $1800.00 a month...NOT a bad return on his tainted investment huh? I wonder if the renters know that a woman ended her life over losing her beloved home...an unnatural death in the house is supposed to be disclosed according to FL law.

AND..this is the upside down world we live in...NO WONDER I blog! emoticon

Well...big sigh...enough of my rant..we are going to Cape Coral today to view a house full of French antiques...hope something is interesting for the gallery. It's stuffed full to the gills so I have to be extra selective for now...or rent another storage unit and I CERTAINLY don't need to increase our fixed monthly expenses...I'm saving my pennies for this new lawyer who I'm hoping realizes JUST how important this 'save our home' fight is to us. HOPING she gets it...but realizing...we are most likely just another monthly credit to their asset sheet.

Please dear heavens...tell me I've got this opinion WRONG!

Stay sparky my peeps..we are ALL in the healthy battle together! Peace be with you! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The world is full of wolves! Can't reply on all your issues you mentioned but just let me say! Blog away! I love hearing from you and you have a promise from me to read each and every one! The road along our journey is likely a bumpy one but We can hadle it! Good luck Bobbi! emoticon emoticon
    luv ya,
    2018 days ago
    The world is not a safe place if you are threatened
    with foreclosure. Anything can happen and does.
    Suicide(?) or just coincidence make strange bedfellows.
    But in your case, where there's a will, there's a way.
    You keep poking and prodding the system and
    hope to make the world better by fighting for what is
    yours and maybe someone else will benefit in the end.
    Take care of those treasures. You may just be surprised
    who wants a complete set of dinig room furniture
    will fall in love with the china cabinet.It could be the
    main piece they are looking for. Hang in there, as
    I know you will. HUGS!
    2018 days ago
    First, let me say that I love your blogs, my friend! They are always chocked full of pure honesty and feeling!

    And yes, the circumstances surrounding that murder makes me go "HHHMMMMM???" too. I'm sure the authorities are quietly investigating.

    It sounds to me like the universe is providing you with a great deal of quality merchandise for your shop. The number one thing I learned from sales training is "You can't sell from an empty basket." When I had my shop here in Sanford, I found that sales were always better when I was fully stocked and had the walls covered with merchandise! It's a psychological thing - If you've got lots of stuff to choose from, people will look more and usually find something to buy. When was the last time you bought anything from a store that looked like the shelves were bare?

    emoticon emoticon
    2020 days ago
    I love your chatty blogs--feels like standing in the back yard talking over the fence (figuratively--I don't have a fenced yard :) Hey, just remember part of what lawyers do is stall--you're still in your home, aren't you? Sometimes during the stall, a wonderful solution is found (because someone just got worn down...) In the meantime, keep blogging. You have an interesting, Desperate Housewives-sounding cul de sac. emoticon
    2020 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/13/2012 9:11:33 AM
    I'm so behind on reading blogs that I'm not sure if I'll ever get caught up but I went back & read a couple of yours.
    First, Good for you for blogging & getting it all out there. I should probably do that more often. Second, so good of you to take the furniture off all the nice people's hands. I sure hope someone comes in & absolutely loves china cabinets & buys them. And I hope lots of people come in and buy up most of everything! Woo Hoo!
    Lastly, I am so sorry that your dream team is not working out so well. It's so hard to find good people these days. Honestly, no matter what it's about, it really is hard to find good, honest, hard working people to do a job well.
    I sure hope you win your fight Bobbie! I'm always keeping my fingers crossed.
    emoticon emoticon
    2020 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    Sorry you are still dealing with that mortgage problem-sad to hear of the suicide. That happens too often. I do agree with the fact that blogging helps as well as letting out those frustrations on the teams. Have fun checking out that house of furniture.
    2020 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    You are doing th right thing by blogging away, this helps release the stress and it helps look at things when we write them down. Wow! $10K for a house-that is so unfair for the people that lost everything.
    Good luck with your house and continue to email, and get answers from your lawyer, the squeaky wheels always get greased!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2020 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    go ahead blog away, you have such interesting thang to blog about.

    I sure hope you can bet the houseing banks and keep your house
    2020 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    I say whatever helps, do it! If you are blogging, and it feels good, do it! I'm glad you are because a lot of my SP friends don't. I'm not clomplaining but I just worry if they don't! It's healthy, Bobbi. I don't like to see my friends going through a world of crap, especially in this economy. Our government just doesn't know how to work! At the same time, I don enjoy your stories on the business as I'm a former designer who loved the business. In any case, you sure ain't boring! Thanks for sharing!
    2020 days ago
    I don't have a fancy house but it is paid for and that feels great.
    You are far toughter than me. I would have walked away by now and told them to stick the house where the sun don't shine. I don't know how you handle all the stress. emoticon
    2021 days ago
    OMG, I've heard about those $10K deals, but didn't think they were for real as banks are just not moving on selling. In many cities,
    the list price is low so that all of the people
    putting in offers wind up bidding up the
    price (even though it's not an auction).
    Also, that murder... is the guy a person of
    interest. Feels fishy to me. Keeping my
    fingers crossed for your home battle victory.
    2021 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your blog. The foreclosure battles are awful; like so much of the US my neighborhood has been hit hard by declining values. I do know what the house next door for me sold for (less than half of what was owed on their mortgage). And I know that if the bank had allowed the former owners to stay in it for that same price ALL parties would have have been better off. The bank would have saved legal fees, sales commission, and the cost of the house sitting vacant for 2 years. The former owners would not be bankrupt and having lost everything (a nice couple in their 70s who put all their retirement savings into real estate; they owned 5 houses at the time the market collapsed, they bought when the prices were high). And my neighborhood would not have had a house that sat vacant with all the landscaping dying for 2 years while the owners first fought to refinance/save their home, then had to abandon the property.

    I hope you win your battle, and that your attorney will fight for you.

    It is also very interesting to read about your insights into your business. I have sold much furniture through a local consignment shop. Also I have also sold through Craig's list for a couple of items that the consignor didn't want. CERTAINLY easier through the consignment shop!
    2021 days ago
    2021 days ago
    I really wonder if that person was able to buy the house for $10,000. That just seems to low to be true even from a bank. Something is up with that.....Trulia and Zillow list past sale prices, maybe it would show up there. I'm wondering if your neighbor had a zero off and it was $100,000 which would still be really low, but make a little more sense.

    That is so sad about your neighbor committing suicide. I imagine there are lots of other people that have done the same thing over foreclosures....we are living in tough times.

    Your fingers must really fly over the keyboard when you blog because you blog the same way I imagine it would be if we were just talking to each other. I'm very impressed. I'm glad it such great therapy for you. I found it particularly helped me when I was taking care of my dad.
    2021 days ago
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