Arthritis, PX90, and Discovering My Superhero Alter Ego!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Yup - I'm Elektra! Woohoo! Well, according to the Superhero Quiz at least. And I kind of like that. Elektra 's 'powers' are mainly attributed to her extreme skill as a ninja. She does not have any super abilities, she has just naturally enhanced her physical form to the point that her movement and reflexes seem superhuman. And isn't that what we are trying to do? Enhance our physical form and transforming our health? I like that.

So I took the who is your superhero alter ego test while waiting for my ibuprofen to kick in. See - I woke up with horrendous arthritis pain and made a promise that I would start my PX 90 today. Great. I can barely walk and I'm supposed to do an extreme workout?? Well - I did it. Since my ankles and knees were affected, I did the chest and back. Take THAT arthritis.

How did I feel? POWERFUL. I conquered something that normally would have kept me in bed. I am a superhero.

I think I need a warrior yell.

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