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Workout and - date?

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Last night, something happened while I was working out that really boosted my motivation. No, I wasn't suddenly bench-pressing 200 pounds or running 6 minute miles. Out of the blue, I was asked out on a date.

Some background: The gym is actually a YMCA, nestled in a suburban neighborhood close to several schools and a park. When I think of the social vibe, it's more kids and family than a singles dating scene. I'm usually hitting the gym around 7:30am, and trust me, at that hour noone is looking for a date. Like me, most morning YMCAers have just stumbled out of bed and into their workout clothes, and most of them need to get through their routines and on to work.

Yesterday I ended up skipping my morning workout to take my daughter to an early flight, but brought my workout clothes to work and headed over around 7pm. Did my usual stretch and then started 30 minutes on a cardio Wave machine while listening to music and reading a book. A few minutes into my workout, a guy I had never seen before stops by to ask me about the Wave. Is it fun? We talk for a bit, then he moves on to an elliptical and I keep working out. I'm still there when he comes by again and says "Look, I know this is a bit strange, but I think you're very attractive. I don't know what your situation is, but would you be interested in going out for a coffee or dinner or something?"

I was completely floored. I'm in workout clothes (NOT cute ones, I might add), hair is pulled back in a ridiculous cross between a bun and ponytail, I'm wearing my reading glasses, and of course I'm sweating up a storm - not to mention, I'm still 20 pounds away from a normal BMI. And someone finds me really attractive?! Someone who's also cute, very toned, and as it turns out, 14 years younger than me.

Of course I gently declined; I've been living with my boyfriend/fiance/common law husband for seven years and I'm not looking to get out or start anything on the side. Still, I made sure to tell him how flattered I was, and that if I was single I would most certainly have accepted. I have to say I admire the courage of someone who can just come right out and ask a virtual stranger out.

The whole experience has me rethinking how I view myself. If I used adjectives to describe myself, I'd probably say average, middle-aged, settled, perhaps a bit dumpy. But attractive? Still hot at 51? Who wudda thunk it?!
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  • BD3269PM
    emoticon We can all use a boost to our ego. Keep on Sparking!! emoticon
    2018 days ago
    The fact remains, he did ask you. He must find you attractive enough to be seen with in public. You ARE beautiful inside and out. You aren't what someone else thinks about you. You are much more than that. Most likely he was attrated to your enthusiasum about being fit. Whatever his reasons, It had to give you a shot in the self esteem!!

    2018 days ago
    How wonderfully flattering! You SHOULD see yourself in a completely new light!
    We never know what makes another tick...and it's nice that he noticed that you are interested in your health AND your mind (the book) so why wouldn't he ask you out?

    Keep on's all good and GOOD for you! emoticon emoticon
    2018 days ago
    How fun! And, Kneemaker, I must disagree, and I base this on personal experience and a background in Psychology.
    Take it as a compliment that he saw you as someone interesting and worth spending time with. Here's the truth, we can Never know what is going on in someone else's head, we can only guess or assume. There are ALL sorts of attractions and we like to 'think' we know what attracts other people, that it somehow fits in a neat little box that we can identify because that makes us have a sense of control. But, how many times have we seen someone famous, a celebrity, happily coupled with someone who is not our Idea of equally gorgeous (or the media's idea of perfect). Humans' sense of attractiveness is not that tidy - we aren't born with a register that says "my partner must have X% of BMI and must be within 2 years of my age and .. and... and..." Our scale of beauty is vast and our appreciation of our fellow persons is beyond what we can suss out. This man found you interesting and beautiful because ... are you ready for this... YOU ARE! *lol* Think about it, our partners think we're cute when we just wake up in the morning, and we think they're cute when they have paint on their face and matted hair as they wobble on a ladder or when they are tearing up the entire kitchen to make an egg... why? Because... just ... because.
    Brava.. you gorgeous woman, you!!

    2018 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/13/2012 2:55:48 PM
    I am glad to hear that you turned him down. I am not trying to burst your bubble because you are very attractive. However when a young dude approaches an older lady that he does not know, he normally thinks he has a great chance for a quick score. I am a man and I hate to say it but that is how we dummies think in our late 20's to near 50's. Worse is how many ladies go all the way for the compliments. Seems that is what many want. Just my opine and I could be wrong.
    2022 days ago
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