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Just do it.... Might do it?

Thursday, August 09, 2012

I recently read a blog on the order of "just do it" or "do it anyway." I kind of took that off on another tangent and it was eye opening.

If I work or have things I "must do", I really just do it. When my dogs are running low on food, I never say "I'm too tired to cook up another batch of food" (yes I cook for my dogs... don't go there! LOL). I never say, "I cooked for them 5 days ago so I'll skip it this one time" I "do it anyway." How many people with jobs would keep them very long if every time they are tired or cranky they called in to say "I just don't feel like coming in today... maybe tomorrow." If they are able to keep that job... I WANT THAT JOB. Some things we HAVE TO DO so we do it anyway.

And if my kids were coming to see me, or I was going on a cruise, I'd never wake up too tired to see my kids or catch that plane. I can see it now, "I know you've flown in from LA and St. Louis, but I had a really bad night. I tossed and turned and I want to veg. Sorry, I can't make it to the airport to pick you up... maybe tomorrow???" Or the day of my cruise, "Wow sleeping in these hotel beds are just not like home. And you know... it's really HOT. And I have to put on nice clothes and do my hair to get on the ship. NAH not today... I'll really try to get to it tomorrow." Why... I'm sure my kids wouldn't mind at ALL sitting in the airport for a day. And that ship will sail a day or so late to accommodate my disposition. Uh...NO... I'm there at the airport EARLY because I'm so excited to see my kids. And I try hard not to be one of the first ppl at the pier because I'm so happy to be cruising. I do it because I WANT TO.

So we've got the "I HAVE TO" and the "I WANT TO" categories. Then we have exercise. That's an "I SHOULD DO". Just saying SHOULD leaves me open for "I should....but......" It's not an "I HAVE TO" except that, my health will be much better and my weight loss quicker if I do it anyway. I have to do it in order to lose weight and be healthier. And when I do it, I even sort of kind of almost enjoy it; so once I start, I WANT TO finish. Not just to get it over, but so that I've done my hour work out and really accomplished something.

I need to move exercise from "I SHOULD DO" to " I WANT TO". Even "I HAVE TO". The big question is, how do I get rid of the SHOULD DO category? I think exercise needs its own category. JUST DO IT. Plenty of things in life we "just do" and don't over think it. I aim to have exercise be one of those things. THINKING about exercise just burns calories much too slowly.
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