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Nasty PMS Binging...Yikes!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

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So yesterday my husband and I jumped the border and visited Bellingham, WA. Not the most glamorous place but they have Ross, Marshall's, Lane Bryant, Target and Trader Joe's. Vancouver has none of these. We'll be getting Target soon so I'm super excited about that!

Anyway, they also have a restaurant in that mall called Old Country Buffet. This was sooo not my idea! I actually did pretty well there considering the quantity of food I used to put away. My first achievement was drinking water instead of hitting the Icee machine. Then I filled my small plate with a piece of roasted chicken and removed the skin, a small piece of fish, green beans and corn. The veggies looked like they were just in water so no butter to worry about. I'm pretty sure the fish was in butter so I dabbed it with my napkin. I think my husband was slightly embarrassed by this but smartly kept it to himself, lol. The second go round was a taco shell with a small amount of ground beef, a speck of cheese, olives, and lettuce. This wasn't very good and quite greasy so I wasn't happy with this choice. Moving on to dessert. I was pretty good here too. I got a tiny plate, a little bigger than a cup saucer and put a bite size piece of about four different desserts. I only wanted one bite of each just to taste them. The very last thing I ate was about half a tiny bowl of banana pudding. Banana pudding is my favorite so it was really hard to push the rest of the bowl away. My husband got this one for me or there would have been a smaller amount to begin with. Done! I actually got through a buffet without going crazy. Unfortunately this was just the beginning of the day...

We shopped for a while and then headed home to beat the evening traffic at the border.

On the drive home all was well for a while but then I got sushi on the brain emoticon and decided I would absolutely die if I didn't have a California roll for dinner. We headed toward Metrotown (our mall) and my husband suggested a movie. We decided on Total Recall (pretty good) and were about to go in when he remembered he had to have his candy fix. There is a wonderful candy store only an escalator ride away. I thought about it and decided I could get just a few pieces of my favorite candy instead of a huge bag like I normally do. I got five pieces of strawberry bonbon sugar candy. My favorite.

By the time we got back upstairs my mind started to fixate on popcorn. You know, I can't just have any old has to be movie theater and it has to have butter. I thought about it for a few minutes in line and then said I'll only have a little bit. Soooo, I had a few handfuls of buttered popcorn and a couple sips of my husband's drink.

Once the movie was over it was time for dinner. It was sushi time! I swear I missed half the movie daydreaming about that roll, lol.

We get to the sushi place and I order a small bowl of miso soup and one large california roll and water. It was very good and I finished it in no time flat. After we were done we looked at each other and seriously contemplated splitting another roll. I just couldn't decide so my husband made the executive decision to pay the bill and then go play some video games. Ok, small disaster avoided.

We paid the nice lady and then went across the way to the arcade and I watched my husband play a few games. A little back story...when I moved up here I came across some tokens mixed in with some change in a junk drawer of his and put them in my purse thinking we might go to the arcade one day while waiting for a movie. I'm a Girl Scout at heart and I'm usually prepared for just about anything. My purse is huge and heavy because of it, lol. Anyway, we were there a while and then I remembered there was a pizza place that we had to walk by to get to the elevator. That's all it took for my brain to decide that I neeeeeded a slice of pizza, just had to have it. I restrained myself (ha!) and only got once slice of cheese and pesto. Very good stuff. Wow, I knew I ate a lot but it really seems like a lot when I type it. emoticon

It's a sad fact but during the last few days of PMS I really am a bottomless pit. I truly feel no sense of fullness or satiety and once I get fixated on something there is no stopping me.

All in all I really didn't do as badly as I could have. Normally I would have eaten all of that on a much much larger scale.

I've decided not to beat myself up about it and figure that if I go crazy one or two days a month it isn't the end of the world. My goal is to make positive changes and stick with them for the long haul, not deprive myself so much that I give up. I know I have to take it one day at a time and remember that I'm not perfect. I started over today with some cherries and tuna salad with crispbread. My husband agreed to walk the 5k trail with me the rest of the week (4 more days til next weigh in). Maybe I can at least maintain my current weight and not gain.

Anybody have any tricks they use to combat PMS cravings? I'd love to hear (see) them.

Until next time...
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    Sounds like you made some wise choices and put limits on what could have been an out of control eating day! emoticon
    2051 days ago
    Trying to get my hormones in control also. Supplementing with Dim a derivative of broccoli-family that enhances the way our bodies metabolize and process estrogen and other hormones. (the hunter/farmer diet solution) Also eating 7 - 200 calories meals a day to combat raging hormones lol.

    I happen to be PMSing myself. Not fun but walking also seems to help. Rooting for you, best wishes!!!

    2051 days ago
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