Eat less, Exercise more - Is it that simple!?

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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I was pretty bored today so I researched the whole dieting thing. Most websites suggest that in order to lose weight without going on a starvation or crash diet, you should simply burn more than you consume. that sounds pretty logic to me. so this is like saying 'eat less and exercise more' = simple

IF IT'S THAT SIMPLE WHY CAN'T I DO IT!!?? I wanna go and shout on the faces of those who wrote it!

I've heard thousands of stories of people who eat less and exercise more and they still don't lose weight. they just gain muscle and they believe that they are getting healthier just because they are doing everything 'alright'.
some may accomplish their goal but what happens after let's say 5 years? do you have to eat less and exercise more for the rest of your life? I don't want that quality of life.
let's face it. we all try to convince ourselves that we love exercising! 'Yay I'm going to exercise once again to get healthy and fit!' but if there was a way to just be healthy and fit without exercise none of us would exercise anymore.

And then on the other side you have those skinny people who claim that they eat everything they want. Personally I don't believe the myth 'he/she is slim because he/she has a fast metabolism' because I see it all day in front of me! My mum is 5'6 and weighs 120lbs and I see the way she behaves. She eats salads and diet food when we're at home alone or she even doesn't eat sometimes but when we go out with other people she eats like a pig and when the other look at her surprised she is like 'I eat like that all the time. I just have a fast metabolism' yeah right...

I just don't understand the logic of losing weight. Should I eat lettuce for the rest of my life and spend hours in the gym to have the perfect body? This is what has worked as I've seen for all the celebrities with great bodies. And now I'm taking Miley Cyrus as my example. She was at a healthy weight, maybe a little curvy as gossip websites claim. Now she's lost a bunch of weight, she's eating only healthy food and she's spending hours and hours every day at the gym. But I have to admit that she looks perfect.
Well, guess what! I'm not gonna spend the rest of my life at the gym and I'm gonna enjoy life and food!
I don't know how I will be skinny and I'll enjoy food at the same time but I'll figure it out sooner or later.
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    besides just eating lettuce all the time isnt healthy having protien is good also. Excersising to much can be bad for the body to exspecially when just runninng on veggies. It really isnt about being "skinny" its about being healthy
    1990 days ago
    There is a fine line between a healthy lifestyle and dieting for life. Everyone really should exercise but the amount varies. I mean you can lose weight exercising once a week.
    1991 days ago
    I think that is a good attitude. It really isn't healthy to do so much exercising and dieting doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself. At the start I think you may gain more muscles but don't worry. Often your weight won't go down but your measurements will as fat is 'fluffier' than muscle. Also, as your muscles get bigger, they require more energy and WILL increase your metabolism. Keep at it! It will work in the end.
    1991 days ago
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