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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

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Hi Fellow Sparkers! - wanted to get your attention, because I believe I have been receiving mail thru the SparkMail system from a scammer. This person calls himself PAULTANNER and claims to be looking for information to help his mom lose weight. I replied to his first email giving some tips about how to use this site, and then in his 2nd email he thanked me for the tips, then said he's actually interested in being friends with me, and can we start an email correspondence, and he leaves a hotmail address and asks me for my personal email address.

The reasons I believe he is a scammer are: his letters are written in such a way that indicates that english is "his" second language, they also tend to arrive at around 4am CST, indicating that this person probably does not live in the US. Furthermore, whoever this person is, they are trying to take our correspondence off of this site and find out my personal email address, and then of course there's the fact that he claims to be doing this to help his "mum" but has not set up a profile for HER or had her contact me in any way. Also he does not have a SparkPage, just an ID.

I have found through using dating websites that these scammers often target overweight 30-40-something women thinking they are probably vulnerable to a man who claims to be very caring, attractive, financially secure, and most of all, interested in them romantically. They use a lot of flowery language, talking about how they can see the woman's inner beauty radiating in their eyes/smile, whatever. They often come off as too good to be true, because they are.

One such man contacted me through MySpace many moons ago, and his pictures were just way too pretty, as was his story. Attractive, successful, caring, lonely man who's wife had passed away, lived in California, but was currently out of the country on business...yeah...right....he walked right out of a Lifetime special! LOL! I googled "male models" and found the same set of pictures on an amateur modeling website within about 5 minutes tops. I contacted the website asking them to notify this aspiring model that his pictures were being stolen and used by at least one scammer, providing a link to the MySpace page they were posted on. I reported him as having a fictitious profile on MySpace and included links to the modeling site where he swiped this pictures.

I also contacted other women who were listed as friends on his page and found that he had been giving them all the same sad story, with a few conflicting details here and there. I struck up a friendship with one of these ladies and while I had blocked this jerk off from contacting me, she decided to follow along and see where he'd take it. He eventually got around to telling her he wanted to meet her, but all his money was tied up in investments or foreign accounts or some such nonsense and would she mind paying for his plane fare, with the plan of him paying her back plus extra when he arrived. It seems insane that anyone would actually fall for one of these scams, but apparently they do, because otherwise they wouldn't keep trying.

I wanted to make sure you were all aware of this person, in case they have found you through my page and been emailing you also.

I reported his most recent email to Sparks telling them I believe he is a scammer and asking them to please investigate.
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