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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Been just as busy as ever... actually, it never really seems to stop! LOL

I had an appointment with my oncologist recently, all the blood work came back normal (no cancer markers! HURRAY!) and I was sent for a CT scan to check for any abnormalities... because of my kidneys they really can't use contrast, so I don't know how much they see, but I haven't heard anything yet--which usually indicates that they didn't find any abnormal there either. So one thing to celebrate...

On the other hand, my nephrologist (kidney doctor for those who don't know) has moved my appointment forward by six weeks, because of some kind of weird upswings and crashes in my blood pressure... and that illness I had last month? She thinks it may have been more than just the heat, so more tests are in order. I get to do the testing day after tomorrow...

Meanwhile, my neighbor (she's a sweetheart, a single mom with a 4-yr-old) has been helping me out with some of the things that Brian normally does, since he's going to be gone in a few weeks... and she asked me if I'd check with the state benefits program about getting household help paid for through them... We both like the idea-- She can use the income, since she's currently unemployed, AND it would be convenient, since she lives on the other side of the sidewalk, and we go shopping together anyway! LOL

I had my van looked at... my "backdoor" neighbor is a mechanic, also on forced retirement due to a back injury several years ago. He's a sweetie too, and so is his girl friend. They are both veterans, both with health issues... He's not supposed to lift anything heavy, since he had spinal surgery a number of years ago, but there's still a lot he can do, and we took the van to a local parts shop which has a diagnostic tool you can use for free that reads the computer chip in the motor... just one of the spark plugs has apparently been misfiring. We replaced that, and another code came up: apparently, the coil that feeds the current into the plugs is where the problem stems from, but the code for that won't pop up if the spark plug itself isn't working. THAT is a bit more expensive to fix, so it looks like a postponement of the family get-together again, until Brian can get paid and do as he promised... hopefully some time this week, since there is a wedding on the 23rd that is impacting our plans and I want a date locked down before people schedule anything else! LOL

The cats are suffering from the heat, and poor Amigo hides out in the gully on the edge of the property next door. There's a culvert there, and it is cooler since it's surrounded by trees, but whenever he comes back up to eat, his fur is a mass of tiny little burrs and fleas. I can get them out of the fur for him, but it's time consuming, and he's not very patient--Thank goodness he's more interested in the food! LOL

As for a flea comb? You have GOT to be kidding! LOL

The little insulated water dish idea works pretty well. I don't even have to put it in the freezer on some days, since it does on occasion cool off enough at night that it helps keep the dish cool too. I have a second one hiding somewhere in my boxes; if I can find it, I can switch them out and just keep one frozen all the time--at least for the summer.

Once winter sets in, the big problem becomes keeping the water FROM freezing! LOL

I'll keep you all posted on the test results and all the kitty fun... but it's past bedtime, and I still have to finish my workout! Just kidding... can't do any exercises this late and still expect to SLEEP! LOL

Be well!
Kathy emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Kath....
    I missed this blog.....
    Great news on the cancer testing. Will keep fingers & toes crossed for kidneys.....

    As usual, with all your hardships, your positive energy and loving kindness and grace under fire -- shines through it all!! As I may have already said, you're my hero.

    Stay well, dear friend, and stay in touch....OK??

    span> emoticon

    2013 days ago
    Glad for the awesome test results...now to get those kidneys under control. I hope the state will pay your friend for helping you. That will be a win/win situation for you both!!! Hope you are able to get your car fixed so all your plans work out.
    I am trying to clear up a UTI before my brain surgery on Thursday. Kidney numbers are screwed up at the moment and trying to take care of that also. So let's follow through for a few days and watch the sugar readings. lol
    They will call me Wednesday afternoon and give me my surgery time. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. lol
    Keeping you in my prayers, my dear friend.
    Blessings, love and hugs,
    2016 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/13/2012 1:07:40 AM
    glad your tests are good Kathy, great one. Love reading about your cats.

    2022 days ago
    Hope the tests are great hugs & prayers
    2022 days ago
    So glad to hear no tumor markers. That is the next test my dear lil sis has to take for her lymphoma (also with stage 4 kidney failure).

    Hope our van gets fixed. It's such a pain to keep up with all the repairs that seem to be constantly needed!

    Poor little Amigo! Cat flea comb? BWAHAHAHAHA I remember my brothers cat (well he was a kitten then . . . with an attitude!) got into charcoal (mind you this is a white kitty with just the barest of black strands of hair @ the tip of is tail) and I stupidly attempted to bathe him. Can safely say I won't be making THAT mistake again!
    2022 days ago
    I hope nothing more it wrong with the kidneys. I'm glad the cancer tests came back normal.

    Sounds like you have come up with a good sub for Brian. I hope you can get the van fixed soon. I have a similar problem with my car.

    I hope Amigo and all of us get a break from the heat soon.
    2022 days ago
    that blood pressure problem was the same thing i had and they stopped all the high blood pressure meds and it came under control and then went to high heaven for awhile and now it is crashing again..the kidneys are pretty much in normal function at the present but the heat with those meds you are taking causes all that hoohah of the ups and downs i can't go out in the summer at all here and i'm missing the commencement bay weather for sure
    the lady mary emoticon
    2023 days ago
    you go girl emoticon
    2023 days ago
    So good to hear your test results were good!!

    As for my kitties they are supposed to be INDOOR cats but 2x last month people did not shut the door tight and they escaped and brought home fleas both times! They are a pain!! Nothing will kill them-- I think tomorrow we are resorting to washing them with Dawn (yup the dish soap) as it kills the fleas!

    We bombed the house and treated them but still can not get rod of them! UGH!!
    2023 days ago
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