Day 351....To toss or not to toss

Monday, August 06, 2012

So here is my problem. Hubby lost his job in Nov of 2011 and still hasn't found anything permanent. Finances are..shall we say...tight? More than of our teeth tight.

He's done some odd jobs and I do mystery shops when they are available., but we pretty much are struggling to just make it each month. So you get the picture....And here is my problem.

1. I still have food in the pantry that isn't the healthiest. I'm not talking junk food....that I can get rid of. Plus we don't really have money for junk. But I still have pasta and rice that are not whole grain, some meat that is not low fat, frozen veggies in sauce, etc....and I really can't afford to go buy all new food. Up to this point, I have been making use of the healthy things I did have but I feel like I need to use up the other stuff too. So do I just cook it and adjust the portions to stay in my ranges? Or should I fix that stuff for the fam and something else for me if I can find it. As I replace things, I am going for the stuff I know we should be eating.

2. Second problem, in order to stretch my grocery money, we get free meals from the local churches 2 times a week. Of course these aren't the healthiest meals sometimes and I have no idea how things are prepared. With oil? With butter? I have been using the $1.00 frozen meals (Lean Gourmet??) for me and the rest of the fam eats the church meals, unless there is something I can make use of.

So should I toss out the stuff I shouldn't eat or just replace it as it is used up with healthier stuff?
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    Ok I am in a similiar situation. Dh thankfully is working but we have a severely autistic child whose seizure medications alone run $100 a month our part. I have a genetic heart condition, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, heart stopped about 3 years ago and we are paying off 50k our part on that and yada yada, dh's income isn't high so well, just believe me when I say I'm with ya.

    I wouldn't throw it out. I'd concentrate on eating say more of the canned veggies you get and less of the more junky stuff. I don't see most places giving out actual meat these days but if you get some hamburger meat that isnt lean and you are making a casserole type dish with it you can rinse it after you cook it.

    Farmers markets can be a cheaper source of fresh veggies than grocery stores so I'd look around in your area. Also look for bakery stores that sell the short dated bread. You can buy whole grain at about half the price and put a few loaves in the freezer.

    Message me with a first name if you want. I'd love to put you on my prayer list.
    1896 days ago
    These are great ideas! Thanks everyone! I hope I didn't sound ungrateful for the church food. I really am glad to get it. I do use and it very helpful for coming up with ideas. I like the idea of mixing the foods. That would also help the fam to "adjust" to the healthier versions.
    1897 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I wouldn't throw out food if I were you. Just practice portion control and do the best you can.

    Maybe you could donate some of your less healthy food to others in your church who are not trying to lose weight and may be in need. It always feels good to "pay it forward."
    1897 days ago

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    As you are buying healthier pastas, rice, etc.; mix in some of the old "unhealthy" versions you still have in the pantry. You'll be cutting down on the amounts of the old food, but not throwing it out. When you get the food from the church, thank God for it. In fact, thank God for ALL your food. It is sanctified when eaten with thanksgiving. Trust God to metabolize it to its maximum efficacy for your body and your health.
    Do you visit recipe sites that give you ideas to stretch your food dollars?
    1897 days ago

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    Thanks! I agree with you...I am a worrier and forget Who is in control sometimes. And when I think about it, we have had salads or more raw type foods since I started this...Why do we forget WHO is watching out for us.

    The frozen meals I already had...I should have made that clearer. Thanks so much for your input. Sometimes it helps to hear it from another person.
    1897 days ago
    In your situation I certainly would not throw out food. I would just prepare it as healthily as you can manage and try to stay within your ranges. I would also eat the stuff prepared by the church if you can as a way to say, "Thank you," for their generosity. God knows the desires of your heart and he knows your current financial situation and he is in control of all of it. I wouldn't invest in frozen meals for you to eat separately. I would be putting all of your money into healthier options for the whole family while you eat the food you currently have. I hope your husband is able to find steady work again soon.

    1897 days ago
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