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Monday, August 06, 2012

Two blogs in one day.. madness. Madness I say!

I came across a thread on the message boards about what foods you now find gross. I went through a few pages of responses, and it got me thinking. I actually started off in a much better position than some people. Many of the foods I kept seeing listed are ones that I've never really found appealing, so I've never actually had to get over an addiction to them. In the vein of counting my blessings, so to speak, I'm going to rant about how disgusting they are. Yay!

I used to drink a lot of pop, but that was more out of convenience than an actual love of it. Ever since I was a child, I am CONSTANTLY drinking something because I'm always (always always always) thirsty and just can't seem to get enough liquid. My dad and brother loved their pop, so the garage fridge was always full of many boxes of it. Very easy to grab some, throw them in my school bag, and be off. Grade 7/8, I went to a different school and we had Coke vending machines and teachers didn't really care if you had cans in class. I swapped out pop for iced tea (not much better, but it also came in cans) when I started high school, and eventually dropped that in favour of water. Neither of these transitions was actually hard for me, because I just wanted liquid. I never loved pop and the only time I touch it now is as a mix for alcohol (even then, I tend to opt for something that I can mix with V8 V-Fusion instead)

French fries
Just.. ew. Little grease bombs in stick form. Even back when I couldn't care less what went in my mouth, these were not on my list. They have essentially no flavour whatsoever aside from the grease, unless you count the usual buckets of salt added to make them palatable. I thought food was supposed to taste like food?

Fried foods
Pretty much the same as the fries. All you can taste is grease, and I'm not a fan of food that can leave my hands slippery even after I've soaped them repeatedly.

Fast food
Yep, here's a whopping confession for someone who used to weigh 265lbs. I have never, in my life, eaten a fast food burger. They look and smell repulsive. I don't understand how they could be appetizing to anyone. I used to enjoy McDonald's pancakes when I was a kid, because it was a special trip we'd make one morning if we were up at our trailer for the weekend. We sold the trailer when I was seven, and since then I have never returned to a McDonald's. I can barely walk by one of their "restaurants" without feeling disgusted by the smell that permeates the air around it (And don't get me started with people who get on the bus with me carrying it. Bleh). Between the ages of about 10 and 13, I would have a maximum of two Wendy's chicken sandwiches a year which were usually gotten while driving back from a dentist appointment. That is the complete extent of my involvement with fast food.

Potato chips
It's that whole greasy/salty combination all over again, just this time with a crisp added. Although I used to chow through some occasional Doritos or Sun Chips, the regular old potato chips that everyone seemed to be eating never appealed to me. I actually took that Lay's challenge that the commercials kept saying. "Bet'cha can't eat just one." You lose, Lays. I could, and did, only eat one chip.

Processed cheese
I'm a cheese lover. Always have been, always will be. I have, on more than one occasion, gone to a specialty cheese store and walked out with $200 in cheese. 15 year aged cheddar, aged provolone that smells like a foot, Amsterdam gouda, Italian imbriago and pecorino.. The list continues endlessly. But in the end, YUM! But being a cheese lover, I love CHEESE. Not those plasticy, flimsy mock-cheese products that are marketed.

Boxed mac and cheese
To go along with the above, CHEESE SHOULD NOT BE A POWDER! It hurts my soul.

Let's take something cake-like, then remove all semblance of an enjoyable experience out of it (ie. a moist crumb) by frying it! Yeah, sounds fantastic. Bleh.

Again, how is this tub of opaque white substance appealing? I use oil in some things just like most other people, but wow. Mayo is pretty much 3/4 oil, and I've seen it SLATHERED on everything from sandwiches to french fries, and even used to bake cakes. While I understand the concept of using it in baking to replace the oil and eggs, there's other things -in- mayo, and there's no way I'd be using that amount of oil to bake with. I'd much rather just do it straight.

Packaged snack cakes (Twinkies, Hostess, Little Debbie, etc)
Now, don't get me wrong. I used to eat these, quite a lot, but I never really enjoyed them. They're abnormally soft and far too sweet. My dad was a junk food junkie, and when you're a kid who can't cook, you're going to grab whatever is easiest. In my house, that was snack cakes and chocolate. I stopped eating so many of these when I started baking more myself, because I became accustomed to what -real- baked goods were supposed to taste like. After I managed to make one of everything I really liked (cake, cupcakes, cookies, muffins) completely from scratch with excellent results, I never touched another one.

White bread
I require flavour, I crave it. White bread is just.. well, fluff with some crust. There's no flavour, no substance, no enjoyment in it. It's even kind of sweet sometimes. I do like sweet things, I have a mouth full of sweet teeth, but in my mind bread itself should not be sweet. I've always eaten whole wheat because my mum also enjoyed it, and now I'll go for the grainiest breads I can find (Which is incredibly easy, since baking bread is my job). My bread love right now is a whole wheat with ground flax seeds and chia seeds. Not super grainy, but so delicious.

Frozen dinners
That is not food. No matter what you tell me, I have never believed any differently. It's vaguely food-shaped masses full of sodium and slathered in god knows what. *shudder*

I'm sure there's more that I didn't mention, but those are a few I saw pop up many times as something that others have had to overcome, and I've just always thought were outright disgusting. I guess I am pretty lucky, there.

There are many things listed that people have overcome or never had to that I find nigh-irresistible. I am improving on them though, so why don't I go through those while I'm at it? It's my blog, and I'll rant if I want to!

All the chocolate, in my face. Right meow. I don't mind milk chocolate, but I've always opted for dark if I have the choice. I do admit that I loooove white chocolate, even though it's not really chocolate.

Oh my god, I love cake. There are so many varieties, which increase infinitely as soon as you take a good frosting into account. I do my best not to make a lot of cake anymore, but when I do.. YUM!

Even worse for you than regular cake, but has that beautiful creamy texture that just.. melts. *wiggle* I actually never liked cheesecake until I made one myself. Commercial ones were kind of "meh" at best, but what can I say.. I'm a good baker.

Not those super hard things you get from the grocery store. Beautiful soft, fresh cookies.. especially hot from the oven.. mm. Almost nothing in life is quite as good as that.

They're like cupcake's less-sweet sibling, and the convenience factor on them makes them wonderful.

Good bread, with the right crust and body, that wonderful smell and crackle, on its own or with some cheese or olive oil/balsamic.. All in my face.

I think there's a bit of a pattern here.. haha. Yeah, pretty much every single one of my food weaknesses is a baked good. I've been baking since a very young age, and I'm incredibly good at it. I also work as a baker, though not for the things I love most. I'm a cake person, through and through. It's what I'm the best at because it's what I've always loved the most. I started with Betty Crocker just like pretty much everyone else, but I wanted more than what she could give me. I think I started trying cakes from scratch at around 9 or 10, and had created a few of my own recipes by the time I was 12. It's a passion that I will never be rid of, so baked goods will never be something that I will not eat. The only difference is I've started making the recipes healthier without sacrificing the taste (and texture) I love so much.... and I don't eat the whole cake. haha!
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    Mmmm... I love me some baked goods too. But I also enjoy a lot of the foods on your "meh" list.
    2016 days ago
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