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Training Journal: 7/30 - 8/05/2012

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Week 4 Post Marathon Recovery

Last Week's Miles: 40 miles
Mileage Goal: 40 miles
This Week's Miles: 40.75 miles



Easy Run / Recovery Run
Distance: 10 miles
Target Paces: 9:45 - 10:45 / 10:46 - 12:00

Notes: I had originally planned to split today's 10 miles into a 6 mile morning run and a 4 mile evening run. But I had forgotten that I had a noon meeting down town, plus workers coming to the house at 9:00. So there really wasn't time in the morning to get to the gym and back before I had to get ready for my meeting. But I still did two different runs -- just back to back. I felt pretty good, especially considering I ran over 26 miles on Sunday. I was getting a little tired towards the end of the run, but not too bad. We will see how well I recover for the run in the morning. Depending on how I feel, I may scale it back to another Easy Run, rather than a Steady State run.

Wednesday's splits:
10:19 / 10:25 / 10:44 / 10:52 / 10:17 / 10:46 // 11:11 / 11:16 / 11:48 / 11:19

Easy/Recovery Run
6 miles

Notes: I converted the morning Steady State run to an Easy/Recovery run and cancelled this afternoon's run. I didn't feel too bad this morning, but was a little tired and I want to be well recovered for my hill workout tomorrow.

Normally, I run before my strength training session so that my legs are fresh. But I wanted the extra sleep this morning, so I moved the run to the hour following ST. I knew that would add to the fatigue in my legs (and sure enough, we did leg presses and squat/hold), which was another reason for reducing the intensity of the run.

As I drove to the gym, I realized that I had forgotten to replenish the supply of gels in my bag, and I hadn't eaten any breakfast. When I got to the gym, I checked out the bars they sell. Most of them were low carb, high protein bars. But I did manage to find some "breakfast bars" that had a decent amount of carbs and ate one of those before training.

I really didn't think about this again until mile 4 of my run, when I realized that I was feeling hungry. So I bought/ate a second breakfast bar between miles 4 and 5. I was surprised by how much that helped. Most of my sense of fatigue went away and by mile 6, I was actually feeling pretty good. I mentally kicked myself for not eating again before I started running.

This is good reminder of how important is nutrition -- and a steady supply of carbs in the blood stream during a run. Plus a little bit of "you get what you expect." I was expecting to be tired so I didn't stop to think that eating would really help. I can't emphasize enough how dramatically better I felt in the last 2 miles. Give your body that extra help! This is one time when sugar is your friend.

Thursday's Splits:
11:56 / 11:25 / 11:02 / 11:32 // 10:53 / 10:12

Steady State Run / Easy Run
6 miles (4 / 2)
Target Paces -- Intervals:
9:04 - 9:28 (SS) -- :60/:10
9:41 - 10:37 (E) -- :60/:20

Notes: Yesterday, I had scaled today's run back to an Easy Run in the plan. But I decided to start with the longer intervals and just see how I felt. I also decided to experiment a little with nutrition during the run. My trainer has told me that when he was competing, he and his team mates used hard candy to keep their blood sugar up. He in particular like Jolly Rancher. Of course, he was not an endurance runner. He was a jumper and, therefore, a sprinter to the line. Since candy supplies only carbs, not electrolytes, I was never interested in using them instead of gels. But after yesterday, I thought, maybe they could supplement rather than replace the gels.

I warmed up for about 17 minutes before starting the first split. I ate a gel and then put a piece of candy in my mouth to slowly dissolve. It lasted 4 miles, which was perfect timing. I ate a second gel between miles 4 and 5, my normal spacing of gels. It's impossible to say whether or not the additional carbs made a big difference. But I can say that I felt quite strong through this run.

Friday's Splits:
9:16 / 9:05 / 9:06 / 8:56 // 9:51 / 9:46

Easy Run + Hill Repeats (~7.75 miles)
10 min warm up
4 miles Easy Run (9:49 / 9:36 / 9:42 / 10:04)
.5 mile Recovery Walk
10 Hill Repeats on treadmill (1 min at 3 mph, 1 min at 6 mph, incline 6%)
.5 mile Recovery Walk
1 mile Recovery Run (11:06)

Notes: Normally I like to do my hill workouts outside, but that means getting up pretty early to beat the heat. I just wasn't feeling it when the alarm went off this morning, so I went back to sleep for another 1.5 hours and felt much better when I woke up. I decided to use the treadmill at the gym for the hill portion of my workout. That actually worked fairly well, although I do still prefer a real hill.

Total Distance: 11 miles
2 Mile Repeats (3 x 2)
Target Pace for speed work: 9:20
Sunday's Splits
Warm up and Easy Run:
(c) 15:14 / 9:58 / 10:13 (g)/ 9:37 /
3 x 2 Mile Repeats:
9:19 / 9:22 (g) // 9:14 / 9:13 (c) // 9:11 / 8:44

Notes: I've been running 5 days a week now for several months, but not 5 days in a row very often. My preferred schedule is to have a rest day on Monday and another on Saturday. The Saturday rest day comes in between my hill workout (Friday) and my long run / speed work day (Sunday). Monday's rest day follows. But my disagreement with an 8 foot ladder on Tuesday resulted in no run that day, which meant two rest days in a row. So I decided to play it by ear to see if I could do my 5 workouts back to back over the remaining 5 days. Part of the challenge was that this week was a speed work week.

I was a little tired this morning, perhaps more tired mentally than physically. My brain really did want a break and the day was crazy in other ways, which added to that a bit. My bargain with myself was that I could convert the 2 mile repeats to 1 mile repeats if I needed to. But in the end, I ran the workout as planned and, in fact, picked up speed in each 2 mile pair. But I WAS tired when I finished and ready for a short break.

(In the splits above, (c) means I ate a piece of candy; (g) means I ate a gel.)
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  • LAURIE5658
    You had a disagreement with a ladder? Seriously? Here I thought you played nice with everyone(thing)!! Who knew???!!!

    Glad you recuperated from that tussle.

    emoticon emoticon
    1994 days ago
    Your recovery week has been busy, you did well.
    Glad you have recovered from your ladder incident.
    1994 days ago
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