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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Oldie but goodie...

Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin?
Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Why don't you ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"?
Why is "abbreviated" such a long word?
Why is it that doctors call what they do "practice"?
Why is it that to stop Windows 98, you have to click on "Start"?
Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?
Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?
Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?
Why isn't there mouse flavored cat food?
When dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests it?
Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?
Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?
You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff?
Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?
Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?
If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?
If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the terminal?

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
MNLEONA 8/14/2012 7:42AM

    Another one "Why do they call it rush hour?"

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ALICERIEGER 8/7/2012 2:02PM

    Thanks - I needed a chuckle.

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MISSDAISY23 8/6/2012 4:48PM


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HELEN_BRU 8/5/2012 10:32PM

    Good ones! emoticon

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ATLTRAINR 8/5/2012 10:10PM

    emoticon emoticon

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COACHPENNY 8/5/2012 4:30PM

    I especially wonder about the second to the last one.....

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BEARGODDESS 8/5/2012 4:15PM

    emoticon emoticon

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HWNHMMBRD 8/5/2012 3:46PM

    Thank you for sharing, made me smile! emoticon

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BARCLE 8/5/2012 3:43PM

    Some great ponderisms there emoticon

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SUNSHINE65 8/5/2012 3:40PM

    Wonder why they didn't add...

Why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?

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