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Long overdue update!!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Wow! I haven't blogged here for awhile. I don't know why really but I think and I HOPE I am back for a little while longer. I really need to keep myself accountable and this is where I first started my weight loss journey. Right here on sparkpeople!

So let's see. I have been HORRIBLE about my food intake lately. Just horrible. It's like a domino effect. You eat one bad thing and its followed by another bad thing. It's the GETTING UP and starting over that's the hardest!!! I have been here and I've done this already!! I know exactly what to do! That being said...

I have cancelled my weight watchers membership. I LOVE the program though and if I had still been heavy I think I would have joined because that program really does show you how to eat and it keeps you accountable! That weight loss program doesn't say stupid stuff like "Stay away from fruit because its too sugary!!" ... A long time ago I used to enjoy watching Biggest Loser but I stopped watching it because it was very misleading to those out there wanting to lose weight. I remember WAY BEFORE I started losing weight I would watch that show and people weren't even allowed to eat grapes or mangos because it had way too much sugar in it. I was VERY CONFUSED about all that!! What they didn't say was "this is a game!! to lose weight as fast as possible....grapes and mangos CAN BE a part of a healthy diet in REAL LIFE!!!" .... yeah so I stopped watching the show because of all their little things like that, misleading, AND the fact that other companies would pay them to say "EAT THIS IT'S HEALTHY!!" ...

But that's TV for ya I suppose. I just don't watch the show anymore. And also because I just have no time to watch a lot of shows these days!! And with school coming up I'll have even LESS time to watch TV! :)

Anyway, for the past several months, with a few months OFF in between, I have been training with a personal trainer twice a week. I have learned LOTS!! A lot of different exercises. Now, I probably wouldn't do all of them on my own only because I hate weight training like that. It takes awhile for me to get into it by myself.

Well, I have decided to NO LONGER continue with my personal trainer. He's great and all but this past week I got the "stay away from fruit for weight loss" comment. And that just hit me in the wrong spot!!!!

NO ONE tells me to stay away from fruit!!!!! Would you rather see me eating a piece of fruit or a candy bar???? ...... It's not that hard of a choice! Soo....it (sorta) pains me to say that I will no longer be with him...for a good while this time. But I think it's for the best. I CAN SEE results ON MY OWN! I know exactly what to do AND exactly what works FOR ME!!!

I NEED FRUIT daily!! I can't stay away from it. I need it in order to satisfy my sweet tooth. Now, I know exactly what to do. I won't pig out on fruit at 10-midnight :-P BUT I know I can safely eat some as my dessert each night without feeling really guilty!

I know I will see results again, following my own eating plan. Not anyone else's.
I have done it before, I can do it again! I know I need to change up my workouts. I need to add a couple of different cardio classes or take up running or something. I know what I need to do and I'll do it. I'll get there slowly. In my own time. Not anyone else's.

Today was/is my "Monday". I NEED TO STAY STRONG! No matter what. If I go out on the weekends I need to make sure I deserve it! By being "good" the entire week! And by being good I just mean simply making the right choices and watching my portions.

For long term weight loss I do NOT need to eat cardboard chicken for the rest of my life. That might be a "quick" fix. Plain chicken and a veggie for snacks AND meals. Um no. (or substitute chicken with fish). I LOVE food. I ENJOY my food! I want to be able to enjoy something DELICIOUS in the right amounts each night rather than just eating/swallowing my food to survive. Now, I KNOW FOOD IS FUEL and maybe it would help A LOT seeing it that way a lot more BUT if you are like me....and you absolutely LOVE FOOD to no end!!!!!!.........Then making DELICIOUS FOOD CAN be healthy for you! You ARE able to enjoy healthy delicious meals! It's just watching your portions and eating slowly, making the right choices, thats all that matters!

See, I DO KNOW WHAT TO DO. And I KNOW I will lose the rest of this body fat with time. MY OWN TIME! I won't have someone else tell me that fruit is BAD for me. Because I KNOW IT'S NOT. I want to lose weight and KEEP IT Off....not lose it fast and then gain it all back when I incorporate FRUIT back into my life.

I have also decided to buy organic, fresh baked bread from now on...from WholeFoods. I figured it would be better for my body (gotta remember portion control!!!!), than store-bought bread like SaraLee .... lol My body would probably be able to digest the organic bread a lot better anyway! And would be better for me in the long run.

Anyway here is my breakfast this morning because I actually MADE AN EFFORT!!

Scrambled egg whites with peppers and spinach AND CHEESE! (my trainer would have probably told me to stay away from the cheese, period but I LOVE cheese and there's no stopping me from eating it!!... 1 serving of cheese here). And a cup of strawberries with a spoonful of vanilla greek yogurt! (My trainer would have said NO to the strawberries and NO to the yogurt).

But I have to add, my trainer has also been preparing himself for a show in just a couple more weeks!! So his mindset is completely different now than it was before. So he might change a bit, or not, in the coming months. But I'm done.

I need to save money so I can buy myself a NEW CAMERA lens or new camera period!! Oh that would be SWEET!!!!!

Alright, gotta go! Zumba time soon and need to feed daughter breakfast before I leave. :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love fruit! Ha. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2048 days ago
  • LUV2RUN72
    Good to see you back. emoticon
    2048 days ago
    ArchimedesII ... It's not that he willingly gives me advice, I do ask for his opinion but his opinion is so out of whack right now because of his upcoming show. He came over to my house once and I had watermelon out and he said he couldn't even eat that!!! I was like "It's just watermelon! Totally healthy for ya." It's chicken, fish and either broccoli, brussel sprouts or asparagus, peppers and an occasional sweet potato for him. Every single day. I think he has eggs for breakfast though and some oatmeal but not much. He's crazy. lol He hasn't been through what I have been through so I think I am done with him for now. I need to continue on with my life and find my own path :-)
    2049 days ago
    i didn't get fat eating fruit. i too am going to eat fruit, track it and live my life. If our carbs are within the range, aren't we good?
    2049 days ago
    Glad to see you back here! I think that you can do this on your own and spend the money on photography stuff!!! You know what you're doing!!!
    2049 days ago
    Your breakfast looks amazing! and I agree with you about fruit, it's an essential part of a healthy diet! I like the SparkPeople approach, ENCOURAGING more fruits and veggies! emoticon
    2049 days ago
    The things a body builder goes through before a show is insane. I too have a friend preparing for a show. I said,"let me know when you're eating carbs again". no carbs = grouchy.

    If you like the workout this trainer gives you, stick with him for the workouts. However, let him know that anything he says about nutrition will be taken with a grain of salt. Unless he is a board certified dietitian, he's NOT supposed to be telling a person what they can and can't eat.

    Someone who is diabetic does have to watch the amount of fruit they eat because the natural sugar could spike their blood sugar. However, if you don't have diabetes or any other medical condition that prohibits you from eating fruit, enjoy the fruit !

    There are lots of different opinions regarding what people should eat to lose weight. Personally, I'm with Spark People and even Weight Watchers... moderation, not deprivation. I can't imagine living a life where I was NEVER allowed to eat a piece of fruit because I was worried I'd gain weight. That's not healthy.

    You eat your fruit ! If you like the trainer, stick with him, but let him know that you can do without any dietary advice.
    2049 days ago
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