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My Awesome 5K Day!!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

I was nervous because I've never run a 5K RACE. Up until 6 weeks ago, I never even ran more than a 3-minute interval!

But we signed up for one of the few 5Ks being held in August in Arkansas, and lo and behold it was in the next town. It was the "first annual" 5K being held by a nursing home & rehab center to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Race started at 7:00 am and it was already hot! About 80 degrees. TC & I really didn't warm up and probably took off too fast. I felt stiff. TC was running ahead of me as usual but I prefer that. He's my pace car AND if he's in front he can't talk to me! emoticon I need ALL my powers of concentration.

The first mile marker came fairly quickly but then it seemed we went and went...finally I asked TC if we passed mile marker two but he said he hadn't seen it....finally, mile marker three and then it was all over!

Our time: a PERSONAL BEST: 35 MINUTES 32 SECONDS, for an 11:30 mile! Our practice runs have all been around a 13:00 mile pace, so yeah, a good time!

So that was GREAT! We met some people we knew at the race; here is Bentley, the man of wisdom from my blog on August 1.

You can't really tell how tall he is in this picture, but he's TALL! He racewalks TEN MILES in a little over 90 minutes six days a week. AMAZING! This was one of the few times we've actually talked to him -- when we're on the trails he's usually just the blur whizzing by us!

AND, there was another person there we knew...MY NEMESIS, the FITNESS NAZI aka the SPANDEX NAZI! (Although, ahem, she was wearing VERY LITTLE spandex yesterday.)

I had bought some tickets for the raffle items just to support the cause, and I WON a manicure/pedicure! Amazing since I almost never win anything! So that was great too!

We waited around a little bit longer to hear the medal winners, and they started with the youngest and worked their way up. I was excited to hear my name as the WINNER in the 50-59 female running group! The mayor had turned out to award the medals so that was special!

THEN, for the males 60 and older, TC won first place!!!

Of course, he looks abashed because...HE WAS THE ONLY MALE ENTRY 60 OR OLDER!
emoticon And, in the interest of full disclosure and honesty, while I was NOT the only female in my category, there were only two of us!

But it didn't wreck my fun! I came in first in my age group and that's all you need to know.

The next picture was sooooo much fun. I asked Fitness Nazi for a picture, which she graciously agreed to....and told her I was going to post it on Facebook telling everyone that she came in second in her age group while I came in FIRST in mine!!!! (Not sure she found that as amusing as I did...)

Actually, she is a very nice woman who takes fitness very, very seriously (no duh!) and when you are done with her class, you know you've worked out. HARD!

Here's something I never, ever, ever thought I would ever, ever, ever see:

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