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Stress, whine, and TMI (rated R)

Saturday, August 04, 2012

as much as I didnt want to move today, and totally used grocery shopping with cart and lugging heavy groceries as my "cardio," I ended up going out tonight for a short walk. just a mile, but at least it was something.

I'm feeling drained. I think it's a bit of pms/menopause, but more the stress of husband losing hours at work. we totally depend on his long hours in the summer to get us through to taxes but this summer has been slooooow. If one more person says to me that the economy is growing, I'm gonna slap em. Apparently, when the economy "grows" it means no one in the entire Northeast Region wants sheds built. Maybe we can start a few more wars and help the economy "grow" more! farking government.

ANYWHO- what it comes down to is that I am just really sick of not being able to afford life. I have an awesome job opportunity that I cant really pass up, but in order to work it, I need to put the youngest in Daycare. Problem is, because we are white working class we dont have the option of public daycare/preschool around here, but because we are white working class living in one of the most expensive states in the nation (ranking 3rd) we cant afford to pay for it either. Not only do we not have the option of preschool for the kids, we cant get food stamps because we "make too much".... and by too much I mean less than 30K in the 3rd most expensive state in the nation! And lets not forget that we now have to stress over the fact that this state makes us have insurance by law, and if we "chose" not to have it we get fined come tax season. Problem is, we cant afford to shell out the extra $150/wk for family ins through husband's work, but the state refuses to give us their coverage, even if we pay the discounted rate for making more than 150% LESS than poverty level! In other words, they acknowledge that we are poverty according to the federal government, but they wont help us. This is a prime example of Obama care in action (on it's called Romney care here in the lovely state of Taxachusetts) and yet people dont see/read these stories because THEY dont want you to see it!

I am SO farking done with this country it's not even funny. All this government wants to do is make everyone dependent on them! I HATE needing ANYTHING from anyone, let alone the government! I go to school to better myself but cant go to school or work to better myself because the "help" is only for lazy mo-fos who want to mooch! Maybe I'll just be like the rest of the ghetto trash in my "hood" and start smoking crack and mooching off the state. hey, at least the crack will help me lose weight!

P.S. I'm probably on 18 watch lists for my little rant right now, and I get the privilege of the TSA violating me in November
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  • FARMGIRL1968
    Same problem here. My husband is a disabled vet. Cant work anymire and is dieing of als. Im the only caregiver so i cant work. We still don't get our dissability from va. We dont qualify for state insurance for our kids and only get a very small ssdi check. We also cant get food stamps. My husband gave up his life for this country and we cant even buy our kids shoes. Sad! My neighbors have never worked a day in their lives on drugs and they get food stamps rent assisatence and health insurance. In fact two of their teenagers r having babies and not paying a penny.
    1895 days ago
    you had me at rated R..oh and the TMI sounded fun too!! I do agree with your rant!! I too...was denied by the gov I have 2 kids kids and I needed ins on my oldest...funny thing they denied him but yet accepted my lil guy (tiny) and myself ....keep in mind I didn't need it for us, so when I called she said well you make too much for your oldest but you were approved for you n your other son....AND she said I can get food stamps...and my day care paid for...oh and WIC I explained to her I don't NEED that..(would be nice) BUT I couldn't afford the ins for Jason...blah blah ( I'm bad at telling stories) SOOO by the end of the conversation I ripped her a new arss saying this is why the gov is messed up, you people don't know how to do your job...and you let useless (mo-fo's) take advantage of the system...oh look we're bonding!! LOL!! Good luck my friends its a doggy dog world...LOL
    1895 days ago
    haha thanks! I was hoping since it was my personal blog it would let me type something a little clearer than "farking"... but it wont. I will always find a way to work around people who want to censor my a$s! I actually gave it the R rating due to language, but the jerks screwed that up! LOL I wonder if someone will report me as an "inappropriate blog" . I'm sure I'll piss someone off emoticon
    1900 days ago
    Way to rant it out!!! You know when someone puts Rated R in the title I've got to read the blog. Hope it helped you blow off a little steam. I know you're angry...but you cracked me up (mo- fo's indeed!) Try to smile and know that I'll always read your blogs and promise never to report you to any watch lists!!!
    1900 days ago
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