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Thursday, August 02, 2012

He has the cancer back and it is in his muscles and it seems that he just can't shake this, but now it seems that God is trying to tell him to go natural and not back to those chemicals because there was a person that told us about a doctor that believes that cancer can be cured and that person gave us the name of that doctor. It is something that I have been telling him for the last couple of years but now it seems that God realize that maybe someone else needs to tell him that. I have been praying about this and taking it before God the Father and now it seems like He is now guiding my husband to the path that He wants him to go. I just don't trust the doctors that he is now seeing because all they can say or do is to go with toxic chemicals that destroy the body. I know that some rave about how it has helped them but that is far and few between that survive the chemo treatments or have the cancer keep coming back time and time again. I will see what he does now that he has the info. Will let you all know and please continue to pray for him.

I also have found that I am a stress eater and ate a half gallon of ice cream when we got home. He was sleeping when I ate it and now told me that I need to not do that because it does not help us. He is right but I need to find a release that I can do that does not have eating. I also need to get this house cleaned because it is getting messy and I am so tired.

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    saying prayers for you and hubby! emoticon
    1952 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Praying for you and hubby. Keep up informed with any updates so we
    know how to pray.

    You are in my thoughts.

    1976 days ago
    I'm so sorry you're going through this. I will say a prayer for your husband as soon as I post this.
    I totally get you on the stress eating - one of my biggest issues in this whole weight loss thing.

    Praying you find the right doc with the right natural treatment you are looking for.

    2004 days ago
    I am praying for you both so much.
    No, ice cream does not help. Its an emotional thing. A bad one, and I think the sugar in it alters our brain chemistry. I did eat about 3 cups ice cream yesterday. I am going to stay away from it today, even though its going to be 100. emoticon
    2024 days ago
    I will remember you and your husband in my prayers. I hope you and he stay strong. Keep researching all your different options. emoticon
    2024 days ago
    Such scary times! Your hubby is fortunate to have you in his corner. Your prayers are a big part of the recovery process.

    Take care of yourself because you have to be a team player with endurance.

    We all hear your pain and have you in prayer too!

    2025 days ago
    I feel for you both - and understand the stress eating. We're all on your side.
    2025 days ago
    God is the Best Father and guiding your DH and you want the best for him.I pray for him to be comfortable and to follow God's guidance and to find comfort and Peace.Take care of YOUrself Dorothy,find a non food outlet,I know it's said than done.Do you have someone to talk to or online church service you could watch or games you may enjoy? I have found Pinerest and you can make your own creations on your own boards and they can be anything you want.There is no limit to the creations you can pin to your board,searching is the fun part and pinning.
    A link for Pinarest is;

    emoticon Diana
    2025 days ago
    Please continue to let us know how the both of you are doing!

    2025 days ago
    Here are some valid links with suggestions to explore and some to laugh at.
    Acidity and sugar craving: you will find of interest. One reason (besides Candida) for your sugar craving comes from the body being too acidic. Try it yourself and see. Test your pH when the cravings are strong. Use remedies to bring your pH into the alkaline range (testing again), and watch your sugar cravings go down or go away altogether.
    Get some litmus paper and test yourself regularly. It sells for under $10 before shipping per roll for the average test w/ saliva. A good quality and easy to read paper can be found online: (about $18 -test w/urine. not affiliated).
    Let’s get familiar with how this litmus scale relates to the body: On the scale of 3.0 (acidic) to 9.0(base or alkaline) with 7.0 being neutral, our modern selves live too hot. The generation is in the 5.0 to 6.5 range. Numbers in this range show we are too acidic. There is a formal Research Institute for macrobiotics.
    Macrobiotic science professionals at Mishio Kushi of the Kushi Institute recommend Body pH is different from men and women but to help over come some of the environment that promotes FREE_RADICAL scorch: Women try to maintain a 7.1 pH. Men try for a 7.3 pH.
    Modern average of 5.0-6.5 with much scorching at the cell level `does not equal=` a 6.9-7.3 the lesser scorching environment for rampant free radical action.
    Microhydrin, developed by Dr. Patrick Flanagan, is a very powerful alkalizer.
    Remember two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling's "Every disease and every ailment is linked to a mineral deficiency"?


    Electroherbalism is the study of using various complementary health modalities to solve health problems, or just to stay healthy. These might include naturopathic measures such as diet regimens, toxin avoidance and removal, herbs, vitamins, minerals, or other supplements, and/or the use of complementary bioelectronic devices Tesla devices, and other forms of energy or vibrational "medicine", as it is sometime called. There is a strong emphasis on self-reliant measures and cost-effectiveness, although, as it is stated in the Introductions and Warnings one should never forgo seeing a doctor when ill since even minor problems can quickly become life-threatening if not treated or treated improperly.

    Another little known way to balance our pH is to BREATHE! Deep breathing by itself can bring our pH into balance.

    2025 days ago
  • SILVER1369
    2026 days ago
    2026 days ago
  • IAM_HIS2
    My beautiful, dear friend:

    My heart is heavy for you and your hubby. A friend of mine looked up
    Chinese herbs for cancer. Tried them and is now cancer free (he was in stage 4). It may be something to try. In China, they have found how to fight cancer without chemo.

    My prayers are with you both everyday! May you both be blessed with a miracle. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2026 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Praying for you & hubby. God knows best and is still in control.

    I tend to agree with the diet treatment of cancer. Go where
    God leads.

    Warm Hugz
    2026 days ago
    my dad just had a tumor removed this week...

    ps - it stress eating doesn't help - it just numbs you...
    2026 days ago
    I had cancer back in 1986. I knew I had a problem for over2 years, kept telling the Dr. about this lump, his answer was just get a mammogram. Well time after time, it showed nothing. About the fourth time as I was getting dressed I told the tech that had done the test, they were driving me crazy. They had always told me to yell, kick, and scream if you thought you had a problem. Well they just want to label me as being an alarmist. She asked exactly what I was talking about and I told her this lump. She looked at it and said let me let me do an ultrasound. Later the Dr. sent me a postcard and said to call him we needed to talk. By this time it had spread into my lymph glands. The Dr. that gave me chemo told I would have to have 6 months and then radiation, but I probably would not last the 6 months. I went to the library and did research for the best foods and diet that I needed. I even went on a weight gain program, because I was determined not to be a bald, skinny cancer victim. I did not lose my hair and I have lasted much longer that the 6 months.

    I can tell you cancer cannot live in an alkaline body. I had an alternative Dr. tell me lay off all citrus except squeeze a half lemon in a glass of water 3 times a day. If you want you can add some stevia and have refreshing glass of lemonade. When you drink the lemon juice it turns of the alkaline system in your body and disease needs an acidic body to thrive. God is still healing from the damage that was done to my heart treating the cancer. He can definitely do all things. My prayers are with you and your husband to give you strentgh to get to the other side of this nasty disease. It is so possible.
    2026 days ago
    May God give you strength in the coming days. HUGS!
    2026 days ago
    You are right God can heal anything. He loves your husband and created him to spread goodness to others. Go to the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 and read how you are blessed and been given goodness through each one.
    2026 days ago
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