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Day 241- How Important Is Reaching My Minimum Calories?

Monday, July 30, 2012

I know everyone says that you should at least reach your minimum goal for calories. Mine is 1200 and right now I'm at about 1110. I'm not really hungry, but I could probably eat. But the scale has been bouncing around everywhere from 202 to 205 and it's depressing me.

I know the scale isn't everything but it would be so awesome to be under 200 by Sunday. And I ran a 5k on the treadmill today and it said I burned 500 calories doing so. I keep thinking the more I workout and the less I eat the closer I get to that goal, but then I hear about starvation mode, and if you workout too much your body will store calories to save because it thinks your starving...but is 90 calories short really going to matter either way?

I don't know. I just want to see that 1 on the scale SO bad.
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    854 days ago
    If you aren't hungry don't eat. However eating less and working out more can stall your weight loss big time. Eat 5-6 times a day small meals snacks. Give yourself two full days of rest a week from exercise. Your body has to repair and rebuild itself it needs time. The scale will fall in line. It may not do it in the time you want it to but it will do it if you don't give up.

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    1996 days ago
    I was on the same boat my first 2-3 weeks. I was below the minimum calories most days not by much, still I was not losing anything. So I started eating a little more even if late at night (I learned here that your body still burns calories while you sleep, and what they say about not eating after 7pm is a myth). That seemed to d the trick for me, and I have been losing slowly but consistently since then.

    I am in the same weight range as you are, but my calorie intake isa lot higher. Not sure why. Just be careful not to starve you body, because it will hold on to the calories and make it harder for you to lose. Finally I just want to encourage you to continue to be active, as that boosts our metabolism.

    You are looking great! Keep up the good work!
    1997 days ago
  • EUEK098
    It might not matter if it's a one time thing, but if it happens more often then it'll matter. And when you weigh yourself everyday, the scale will bounce around like crazy, some weeks it'll go up and down and on some other weeks just down, so keep that in mind.
    1997 days ago
    I'm glad you blogged about this cause I have the same problem somtimes. I think it's because I eat a lot of clean whole foods. They really do feel you up for little calories. I've made myself eat to get to my calories before and still lost weight but who wants to force themselves to eat and make themselves uncomfortable? I think everyone's responses here were very helpful. I think as long as you are close to your min calories, you should be ok. Just like what everyone else said, listen to your body. That's most important.
    1997 days ago
  • WVAWACKADOO will get the ones I mean... but probably not on our scale...haha... when you come home, you should probably just stay off the scale & enjoy your weekend & Birthday celebrations. Take care...Love you madly...

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    1998 days ago

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    I agree with a lot of the other comments...I wouldn't worry about it, since you're at least close...unless you start feeling fatigue, tried, etc. I have a higher caloric intake, but find myself having a hard time hitting my numbers. If I get relatively close, I call it good. Sometimes I just eat a piece of bread with a tablespoon of peanut butter & it gets me closer. If you're not hungry, you're not happens :)
    1998 days ago
  • MJ7DM33
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    1998 days ago
    I had days in the weight loss phase where I had to scrounge something to eat to get above minimum calories. I'm in maintenance now, and I still have days like that. It's not every day.

    Here's the deal: My body would be perfectly happy to have varying amounts of food that averaged out about right for the week, but I can't handle the complexity of hitting weekly targets. So I hit daily targets. Some days, that means shutting myself off when I'd like to have more. Other days, it means finding a bit more to eat when I don't really feel like I need it.

    What does this mean for you? Maybe nothing. You have to figure out what works for you, which might not be the same things that work for me.
    1998 days ago
    I wouldn't worry about it unless you are feeling tired, weak, lethargic, etc. and it is becoming an every day thing. Everyone is different and you have to listen to your body. It took me a loooong time to realize the calorie range that my body required when I was working out versus not working out multiple times a week. I vary my calories (on purpose most days) so that I am anywhere between 1300-1700. I cannot be productive on less than that, but like I said before, everyone is different.
    1998 days ago
    I am with everyone else...
    Don't make it part of your weight loss routine, but why eat if you aren't hungry?
    I have days I don't get anywhere near my minimum.
    Besides, it all has to do with the entire week and not just one day!
    You're fine!
    1998 days ago
  • PLYNSN316
    I don't always meet my minimum calories, and sometimes on those days, I'm just not hungry. I am not a dietician, doctor, or nutritionist, but based on my experiences - not meeting the minimum 1200 every once in a while is just fine. I have not had any detrimental effects (that I am aware of).

    If it happens every day, over a long term, I believe your metabolism will slow down and then it can have detrimental effects, but I don't think it's harmful if it happens occassionaly.

    However, I would maybe contact one of the nutrition/dietician professionals on SP to verify. emoticon
    1998 days ago
    I have a hard time many days meeting the minimum 1200 calories as well. Most days I get between 950-1250 with an occassional 1400/1450 on a high day or special occassion. For me this has worked well. I have many gi problems and can't eat large amts of food at atime anyways. Also being vegetarian and trying to eat clean 70%+ of the time, you get alot of food for little calories. My dietcian told me as long as I hit 1000 calories a day I'm good :)
    Everyone is different.... You know your body better than anyone else. If you're worried you can always check in quick w/ your doctor.
    Good luck & don't stress...You're doing awesome!!
    Enjoy your night!! :)
    1998 days ago
    no, don't worry about that! besides, starvation mode isn't going to sabotage your weight losing efforts (that was a trivia question).
    anyway, who knows how exact calorie content really is, and how many calories you really burn?
    overall, if you create a deficit of about 500 a day (more burned than consumed) you'll lose a pound a week. keeping that up over a long period of time ain't easy!
    relax-- and if you want to lose, eat as little as you feel comfortable with.
    all the best!
    1998 days ago
    I've been staying between 1200 - 1300 calories since I've been keeping track on here. It's nice not to be hungry, although there are some days when I could binge in a second... but I haven't. Congrats on running 5k on treadmill! I'm not ready for that yet. Be careful not to go below your minimum calorie requirement or else your body will use up your muscle instead of fat for energy & you'll eventually feel lethargic. Keep going!

    (edited due to typos).

    1998 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/30/2012 7:14:45 PM
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