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I am crying

Monday, July 30, 2012

My exercise plan is as follows
5 days cardio (30 mins) 3 days strength

My nutrition is ok I believe. I make my numbers...stay within my calorie limit for on average 5 days out of 7 days...and the other two days...one will be above the

My protein intake is on the low side so I have started to include more beans...something new to increase that and reduce my fat intake

What i don't get it why i am fluctuating between 197 (was there the week before) and 195 ( was there last week) and this week i am 197 again...so technically i plateaued at 3lbs...great!

My loss has been slow and for the most part I try to stay positive but right now I feel like a tried tested and and proven failure cause it seems everyone else is on a downward trend and I....right now all I keep hearing in my head is I knew I was NOT a success story!

I am not working out today I will just roll up and feel this emotionn
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  • JIBBIE49
    1928 days ago
    Another thought that I got from my trainer regarding plateaus is to switch up your exercise routine for a week. If you mainly do treadmill, get on the eliptical or bike instead.

    But yes....those plateaus are so tough! And when it breaks you'll be rejoicing!
    1935 days ago
    The only thing I can say is I think of you as a "success story"
    Its neat as I read the others comments ...if you were not... they wouldn't have bothered commenting huh?
    thank God the scale isn't what determines "success"
    1935 days ago
  • NETSUE64
    You are doing great! Know what, that how much weight you don't have anymore? Your body is testing you again. Someone on here once said "Sometimes our bodies test us to see if we're really serious". That was a great idea and one I remember when I'm disappointed with the scale.

    Keep up with all the little changes and no matter what, you are better than you were before.

    Keep it up!
    1935 days ago
    Hey team mate whatever you do, don't give up! The weight is going to come off--you just gotta figure out what tweaks you need to make. Also, remember, you're learning to live a healthy lifestyle and that is what's most important. One tweak I made was not eating my recommended calories--it was just too much food. I eat between 1100 and 1400cals a day. Also, I eat more protein than recommended. They recommend 50% of my intake come from carbs--I don't follow that rule either. I've deduced my carb intake to 45% / fat 25% /protein 30%. And, I'm working my butt off in that gym. Upped my cardio to 45-60mins daily Mon-Fri and about 20 mins of strengthening daily. I just make sure I don't work the same muscles within a 48 hour period. That weight might stubborn but it will come the heck off.

    Team Jade is pulling for you, gurl. Our motto is: We leave no one behind!!!

    1935 days ago
    Aww, I hope you are feeling better. I know the disappointment of gaining back what you've just lost... but you are doing an amazing job and I know that this plateau will come to an end soon! You've got a smart plan. I know you can do this!
    1935 days ago
    Dar, do not give up your fight! You are doing great my friend! This plateau will pass. Keep up the good work! :)
    1935 days ago
    Plateaus are so incredibly frustrating. Don't give up.. it is somewhat trial and error until you find something that works for you!
    1936 days ago
    So sorry to hear this my friend. This is very frustrating, and we all go through it.
    I wish I could come through and hug you. I truly understand how you feel, my friend!
    1936 days ago
  • CARRIE1948
    What is your food ratio - protein, carbs and fats? I've learned that I need more protein to make a difference. Also, how hard are you working out? This is tough, but you will get over it.
    1936 days ago
    I can understand that frustration! I am not sure if someone else has mentioned this, but you may be surprised by what can happen if you take a day off from working out. Your muscles need time to recover and mend between workouts. I tend to workout close to every day, and I find that my days off are when I really get to see the results of my hard work. That of course does not mean a day off from eating well.

    Also, it sounds like you are separating your cardio and strength workout. I busted through a 3 month plateau by taking up circuit training. This incorporates both cardio and strength training into one workout and burns a lot of calories while getting you super toned. I am a huge fan of the Jillian Michaels DVDs, but there are plenty of others. The best part is that they are cheap and require minimal equipment.

    Good luck! Keep your head up and I know you will see results soon!
    1936 days ago
  • PROT358
    I'm puttering around with the same 2-3 pounds too. When the body stalls at a weight and you're doing everything right, the way I see it is that it's gearing up for something good. I tend to lose weights in spurt with some "sticky weights" thrown in. I hate them but they're part of the process. Have confidence in the changes you've made. If you know that between diet and exercise you're not consuming enough calories to maintain a 197-pound body, the scale will eventually catch up. Although it might be a good idea to get some estimates on how many calories it takes for you to maintain your 197-weight. Cut 500 from that number a day through diet and exercise and that should be a pound loss per week. Keep the faith!
    1936 days ago
    I'm right there with you. I feel like I keep gaining and losing the same 2-3 pounds. I'm still going to get my minutes in, but not wearing myself out. It started pretty good and then you hit the wall.

    It's okay to get frustrated. It's okay to cry. Take a day. Take two if you need to, but then pick yourself up and try again.

    I'm thinking of taking my measurements to see if those change. Remember, the number on the scale is just one way to track where you are.

    Look at how you are feeling. Is it better than before? Are your clothes fitting better? Don't let the number on the scale decide who you are - I know, easier said than done.

    Just remember you're beautiful!
    1936 days ago
  • KIRSTY1982
    you shouldn't beat yourself up, you are a success story WE all are!!!! i too have been stuck at 184lb/182lb ( i have been there for a month now ) i have only just shook myself off, well i keep saying yep OK, start again etc etc.......2 days later i feel horrid again, sooooo this time round i sat down (as suggested) and thought of what i had done so far, and you know what????? i am not going back there again, i gave up last time at this weight, i put it all back on in 3 years, i just refuse to let it win!!!!! I know you can do this! Think back to the positive you, love your body, it will move and stay moved soon!!!!! I am hoping i will move this week (fingers crossed) your one of my biggest motivators, and i know your mind is stronger than you think....huuuuggggssssssss emoticon xxxxxxxxx
    1936 days ago
    I read your blog twice and can relate to your feeling I have hit a the same spot with the scales
    Bouncing between 163 and 159 and its had me discouraged and I took some time and search for some
    Motivational saying to post on my Spark page and post on my kitchen cupboard and want to share a couple with you hope the help you as much as the help me
    1. Do one thing that makes you feel good and proud of your self today
    2. The reason people give up is because they focus on how far they have to go and not how far they have come don’t join them
    3. You are more than a number on the scale
    4 Do it because you love your self
    5 keep going pick your self-up dust your self off and go again
    6 Just because you mess up why give up
    7 Clear you mind of the words I Can’t

    have a great journey this week let us know how the week goes
    1936 days ago
    I'm so sorry you have hit a plateau. It is so frustrating to say the least. It is very discouraging. It's perfectly ok to take a day off. I hope your body starts responding to all the great changes you are making. emoticon

    1936 days ago
    Have you switched up your routine at all? Are you always doing the same cardio, or are you switching it up? That's usually a great way to kickstart weight loss again.
    1936 days ago

    Sounds like me for about 2 months. I just recently got my spark back. Take today off, give in to tears if you feel like it and then tomorrow you will feel better.
    Baby steps again, one goal at a time again. You will be pleased by the way the successes will come your way. Sparkmail me if you need help.

    1936 days ago
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