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Yesterday is a memory - Today is a possibility!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

When I was in grade school (in the Dark Ages) many projects began with a sheet of manila paper. In first grade we were taught to fold it in half 5 times until we had 10 "columns" where we would then write our numbers to 100. At Thanksgiving I traced my hand to make a turkey which decorated the bulletin board in the hall. Sometimes that sheet of paper was for our own creation.

It was always so exciting to get that blank sheet. What would it become? Occasionally mistakes happened and one would sheepishly raise their hand and hope the teacher would give them a clean sheet for a fresh start.

Every year the PTA sponsored an art contest. The supplies were simple, a sheet of manila paper and poster paint. There were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbon for each class since the levels of skill varied greatly between first and sixth grades. All the art would hang on the class bulletin board in the hall.

I had been working very hard on my painting when disaster struck. Someone tipped the water jar for rinsing brushes and it soaked my art. I was very upset at the time but the teacher helped me clean it up and gave me a FRESH SHEET of paper. A funny thing happened. I didn't repeat my previous work but had a new idea and it was BETTER. While I didn't earn a ribbon my teacher gave me compliments and I was proud of that picture that hung in the hall. She helped me turn disaster into something good.

It's like that on our journey. As morning dawns we have that FRESH START, that clean slate, that blank canvas. We get to start FRESH. Behind us are yesterday's mistakes and regrets. We start anew with a fresh calorie budget. We have hours ahead of us in which we will make many choices that impact our journey.

Upon a single day can be built a foundation for the rest of the week. Set the tone today and follow it. Make the choices that paint a "pretty picture" . Yesterday is a memory today is a possibility.

Press On!
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