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Monday, July 30, 2012

yesterday seemed to disappear in a series of "no time" periods - early that morning, i wrote my blog and the plan said ST on sunday - but where was the time? we still had guests in the house, and without DS arriving at the airport (flight canceled in NY), we did not have to leave as early which meant guests stayed later. lots of leftovers, so even with unplanned lunch menu, everyone was well fed. meanwhile, DH was suffering from asthma hitting because of something in the closets in this century old home that his grandfather built. so it was left to me (with the heavy lifting help of our guest) to vacuum out the storage closets behind the attic walls - which while providing exercise (and sweat!), left no time for ST. then it was time to drive guests to bus station; then it was time to see relatives and visit with coffee; then it was time for evening walk; then it was time for dinner (clean out the fridge of all the leftovers); then it was time for... well, lounging around with laptops until bedtime. and no ST had been done.

so.... i just did it. went inside, and did my crunches and my leg lifts and my wall pushups and my calf lifts and my hip flexors - and it really did not take that long and i really managed to get it done and now i can say that i continued my streak - yessss!

and then it was time for bed. the end:-)
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