Two goals for the coming week (and incentives!)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hi all!

I hope that everyone is well. I continue to work through my grief at my father's passing, but I am hanging in there. Getting some counseling, trying to use my support system, trying to be active and take good care of myself. I have been taking a lot of baths (we moved into our new - and first - home in mid-June and it is wonderful!!!) and reading a lot and going on weekend hikes with friends. I have also refocused on cooking healthy and balanced meals during the week, which really does center me and give me a warm feeling of accomplishment.

As usual I have been around, tracking, but not as active on the social side of the site. But I am hanging in there. Not losing weight, but not gaining either, so that is what it is! I continue to stay active and I am now working on getting my eating into a good place. I am eating lots of good stuff - veggies and fruits and whole grains - but then I have days where I also eat a lot (and sometimes a lot of junk). I am a work in progress! And it is okay!


I have two goals for the coming week, so I thought I would share them for accountability.

Goal #1: Pack lunch for work everyday. This will save me money AND calories.

Goal #2: Go to the gym for at least 30 minutes every evening. I can't watch the Olympics at home (no television) but I can watch at the gym and work on my health at the same time. You can't beat that!

If I accomplish goal #1 I am going to buy myself a new headband. If I accomplish goal #2 I am going to buy myself... hmmm... I am not sure yet! Something small. Maybe a workout accessory of some sort. I'll think about it and write it into my calendar.

I hope that everyone is well. Enjoy the Olympics and keep taking good care of yourselves!


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