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Ughhh...what happened to me???

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I have been having the worst week ever! I have been working on adding new foods into my diet. Great! Right? Of course. Unfortunately my body thinks I'm trying to starve it to death.
My stomach growls all the time. I mean seriously the past three days it has growled most of the time. Even after I eat. While I'm eating. While I'm asleep. I get nauseated.
My blood sugar has remained at a steady level for the most part. Yesterday I had to grab a couple glucose tabs to steady myself - I was so out of it even though my blood sugar was at an ok level. My doctor and I have discussed this many times because "normal" range isn't my best range. We're still working on that. Unfortunately since I had the episode at Abrahms Falls on July 2nd, my body is all out of whack. Maybe it's just because I am now more aware of things and noticing it more? Possible.
At any rate, I have overate several times in the last week. My weight went up to 211 (again) but today (my official weigh in day) it's down to 206.2, which is a major relief. I'm still about two pounds heavier than when I left for vacation but it's coming off.
I restarted strength training today. Before I left for my brother's I had had the heart cath where they go in through the wrist. I was told to hold off for at least four weeks. I did. While I was at my brother's I tried his dumbbells but it hurt my arm too bad so I quit. Then we tried the bowflex. At one point I thought a muscle in my arm was going to rip (yes the form was correct) so I immediately stopped. I hadn't done anything since. Today I started with a few dumbbell exercises. I did have to quit because of my arm but it was nothing like before. I just have to start all over again...darn it. Oh well, I'll be taking it slow and easy until I get used to it. Then I'll go on vacation and have to start all over again when I get home. At least when I come home from Florida, I'll be home for the next eight months with no trips.
Next problem? The excessive heat warnings and heat wave. It's brutal on my walking the dog. I feel so drained all the time from the heat. Had a break today again when it rained. That's twice this month (woohoo) but it won't do much as far as the drought is concerned since we were over 16 inches short for the year. We've only had about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of rain this week. Which is good. I went from a five mile hike to Abrahms Falls to barely making 1 3/4 miles a day with my dog. It's just so hot and there's not anywhere I can go to walk inside because my son has my car to go to work with. So I'm stuck here. I do some Leslie Sansone but I burned myself out on that but I'm trying to get back into the routines. I did manage 25 minutes last night while watching tv.
I'm all out of sorts today but I know I'll figure it out and get back in the groove again. Seeing my weight get closer to pre-vacation weight is helping. Now if I could turn off this hunger monster inside me or at least tame it some.
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    2001 days ago
    Hope this new week works out better for you.
    2002 days ago
    Sorry last week seemed so lame. Give yourself a break
    and ease back into it. Some things just take time to
    recover from.Never doubt that you will get better
    and stronger. You did it before and you will do it
    2003 days ago
    I am so sorry for how bad your week has been! Please take good care of yourself.
    I hope the stomach stops growling too!
    emoticon emoticon
    2003 days ago
    I don't handle the heat well. I have been trying to brainstorm where I can walk and not deal with the temperatures. I never wanted to be one of the old people mall-walkers, but I just may end up there.
    2003 days ago
    I wonder if the stomach growling was a bit of intestinal distress? Upping my veggie and other fiber intake gave me some for a while until my body got used to it. emoticon
    2003 days ago
    First, I just want to say I think you're progress is outstanding! Keep up the great work!
    Second, I am coming off of a car wreck that threw me behind on my goals, but I was able to get on track by changing my diet to help me lose weight without working out. Recovering from an injury and working with rough weather is always hard, but if you use this as a chance to change your diet to reflect what's going on in your life, I think you'll be fine.
    My diet is pretty unexciting. I snack throughout the day on fresh fruit and carrots/ broccoli with hummus. For dinner I either have steamed sweet potatoes, carrots and squash/ zucchini or a microwave meal (usually Healthy Choice Asian Potstickers) with a whole can of peas. If I want chocolate, I have a couple of those mini-chocolate pieces. It keeps me from gorging on cake, or worse. My fluids are only water. No liquid calories.
    What I do may not be the best suggestion for you, but I just thought I'd share what's working for me. Maybe it'll give you some ideas. My answer to hunger isn't to not eat... it's to eat foods that fill me without affecting my calories too much. (A pita bread cut into two half moons and stuffed with spinach, hummus, vegan soyburger & topped with chunky salsa is also a filling meal.)
    Best Wishes!
    2003 days ago

    I hope you feel better very soon. emoticon

    I hope your stomach settles down. emoticon
    2003 days ago
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