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Sunday, July 29, 2012

today I posted the following on a thread under the Nutrition section. You can guess the theme of the thread from my response. It seemed important enough to repeat here. It's a bit of a rant, but it's heartfelt:

Ok, guys, I find the bulk of this thread very distressing. Yes, we all want to lose weight. But we don't want to lose it at the cost of our health. You may think you can eat anything with impunity, and a few lucky people can, but most people cannot. Losing weight by depriving yourself of vital nutrition is called starvation. Yes, you can get thinner. Most people who do it will struggle somehow with their health, probably in a way which they will never correlate with their weight loss scheme twenty or fifty years earlier. It takes nutrients to run a cell. Immune cells are cells. Brain cells are cells. Heart cells are cells. Liver and kidney cells are cells. Blood cells are cells. Gut cells are cells. Muscle cells are cells, and on and on. If these cells don't have the nutrients they need they don't do their jobs AND you experience hunger. Maybe you are just eating a little bad food. Then it will just affect you a little. It's like a computer, garbage in, garbage out. Only it is you we are talking about, YOU, the one and only you, the only shot you get at life. When you eat something junky think about the cascade of consequences. Even if you don't learn the actual consequences at a biochemical level, you can imagine it clearly enough. Junk calories aren't just empty, they use up nutrients. You are going into debt when you eat junk food. I am 54. The soils of corporate farms when I was growing up had 10% of the nutritional value (mostly trace minerals) of the soils of my parents generation. Somehow we came to believe that potassium, nitrogen and potash are the only things a plant needs because it grows bigger that way. So for a hundred years that is all we have fed our soils. We damn our rivers to control flooding and we put concrete walls up to keep them from meandering and changing the landscape, i.e. stop them from refertilizing the land. My children, now in their twenties, got 10% of the nutrition from factory farmed food that I did. Children today have still less. That means my parents had 100 times the nutrition my kids had. Then you add some chemicals in the field, a bit of genetic engineering, a lot of salt, sugar and msg to make things taste good because they have no natural taste anymore, and you have a recipe for a culture riddled with obesity, heart disease, autoimmune disease, cancer and general fatigue. Look at the models in our magazines. We worship thinness to an extreme. Don't lose weight, get healthy. Buck the system. Love your body. You only get one. You don't have to be perfect every day, but to deliberately flaunt the laws of nature and think you are exempt is foolishness. Excuse me for ranting. I care about people and I hate seeing them eat horrible things because I know the biochemical consequences. Please keep yourself as well as you can. You are not immune to illness just because you are well now. emoticon
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    Good blog!
    2056 days ago
    HI George - I liked your organic whipping cream/ cocoa idea. I am going to give it a try when those cravings are out of control! Thanks for the info...
    2060 days ago
    Food for thought, mind and body!! Your input was very insightful! Thanks you
    2061 days ago
    A very interesting blog. You are obviously well informed. Some things you have given me to think about: actually running a deficit by eating junk food. lack of nutrients in the food we eat today. Guess we all better start growing out own.
    2062 days ago
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