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Sunday, July 29, 2012

So I am playing catch up from taking a break from life. Really, I was in a funk/depression and didn't do much of nothing and binged several times.

Back to first sentence. As I have caught back up on my spark teams I found that XPhoenix's challenged the Red Hot Heartbreakers to write a blog about why we have started this journey. Started the journey of becoming healthy. The journey that causes us to take on a new lifestyle. The journey that could make us look a lot different outwardly. The journey that could change the inside (emotional).

Over my years of spark I have had different reasons. Many have been superficial like loose weight so I feel better about myself. Loose weight to look great for my high school class reunion. By the way I did and felt so uncomfortable the whole time and gained it all back and more after that.

With these superficial reasons I had many failures. Only until this year have I started to realize that not only is this journey about changing me physically it is also about changing me mentally.

1. I had to love myself as I currently am. If I can't love who I am now (inside and out) then how in the world would I do it when I was smaller.

2. This is not a diet, this is a Journey. A journey that I will be on for the rest of my life. There is no quick fix but a slow process.

3. I have to make a lifestyle change. This change is not just on my food (which has had to change) but it is also a lifestyle change how I look at life and myself. This means stop putting unrealistic pressure on myself to loose and stress out. This is a journey and one we have to be flexible with. There will be times that we will get off task, injuries that slow us down but no matter what we can do it.

My goals have changed from superficial to ones that are healthy. While on journeys we are expected to grow. That means my reasons will change throughout my journey however I do expect they will always be focused on my overall reason/goal, to be healthy. The journey is not about me getting to a certain weight, feeling sexy, wear a certain size. It is simply to feel happy and content in my own skin as a live a healthy life.
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