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I gained 3lbs over night??!! Water weight...and a 'Must see' video

Sunday, July 29, 2012

So i am back to working out....sweating up a storm....eating lots of vegetables...staying away from sweets...drinking my water....because that is all i ever drink....besides my Green Tea.....I am doing all the right things...but when i stepped on the scale earlier (i weigh myself once a day...when i wake up and AFTER i use the restroom) the scale 'grins' at me and lights up with 175.4 emoticon

Yesterday i weight 172.8!! You have to be kidding me......
I know it is water weight..there is no other i did a little research....and found the following on 'tumblr'

What is water weight? emoticon emoticon

Water weight is fluid retention. It is when your body is holding on to all the water in your body. This can cause you to get bloated, and see a higher number on the scale.

Why does this happen?

This can happen for many reasons. Increased sodium intake, too many processed foods, not getting enough protein, not drinking enough water.

Am i not drinking enough water?

Yes! The more water you drink the less water your body will retain. This is because when you drink a lot of water your body signals the organs that it is okay to let go of some of the water.

How do i get rid of water weight?

By drinking more water, cutting out processed and high sodium foods, sweating, cutting carbs.

Cutting carbs- although cutting carbs can help you lose water weight this will not help you lose fat. This is also not healthy. Many fad diets promise large amounts of weight loss in a small amount of time by drastically cutting carbs, however this weight will be gained back very quickly because it is not actually fat loss.

Water weight and fat are very different.This is why you should not freak out if you see a higher number on the scale. Fat is burned by being active, building muscle, and eating a proper amount of calories for your body.

So in conclusion if you see a high number of gain or loss on the scale in a rapid amount of time it is most likely water weight. Also make sure to get enough water everyday!

Please check out this shows how quick water weight can show up on your scale...

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • v HICIM705

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Thanks, Taty for posting this!!!

    Hope you do well in the SAC weigh-in tomorrow!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1397 days ago
    Water weight and fat are very different. This is why you should not freak out if you see a higher number on the scale."
    I know this is true.....the other day the scale was down 6 lbs. overnight and i knew there was no way....had to be water weight working the opposite way, but i still did a happy dance emoticon
    Of course the next day 4lbs. showed back up! emoticon
    Interesting video and information!
    Lets get rid of some fat!!! Ja? emoticon
    1397 days ago
    Good for you: not fooled, not worried!

    Thanks for your comments on my "grumpy" blog: I appreciate it! My BIL is visiting from Austin TX right now . . . he says it's been HOT HOT HOT!
    1398 days ago
    Interesting video. I ate like a horse over the weekend, and my weight is way up. I believe that at least some of it will drop off, hopefully before the SAC weigh-in on Wednesday. I do notice that my weight drops after working out, and I am sure it is lost water.
    1398 days ago
    I totally understand. I 'gained' 2.5 lbs this weekend! I know it can't possibly be actual weight because I would have had to eat an additional 8750 calories this weekend above and beyond my maintenance level of calories! Thanks for your post. My plan today is to chug tons of water and sweat a lot!
    1398 days ago
    I've got a new routine for making water weight now a factor in my scale work outs. I wake up early (when I naturally get up about 4 or 5 am to go to the bathroom) and I chug 6 glasses of water. I then go back to bed. I awake a few hours later, go to the bathroom and then weigh myself. This does a couple of things: a) it makes sure I'm not getting dehydrated body measurements for weight b) my scale shows both weight and body resistance. This makes sure that muscles are fully hydrated and give peak feedback, in a standardized way. c) exercise change change the intracellular vs extracellular water balance and this gives a way to equality out whatever happened the previous day.

    Your information really added to what I know, thanks!
    Let's keep up the good work.

    1399 days ago
    Congrats on your hard work and thanks for the good information! emoticon
    1399 days ago
    Articles that say how much water one should drink (usually 8 - 12 cups a day) - are generic estimates. (should a petite woman be drinking as much as a 6' man?) Your individual need for water can be determined by the urine test. If you can smell it or it is the color of ginger ale you aren't drinking enough. If it has almost no color you are drinking too much.

    I often 'gain weight' after drinking a bunch all at once, too!
    1399 days ago
    I know most of my gain was water weight even though I drink 9-10 glasses of water daily. But I'm aiming for at least 12 glasses from now on.
    1399 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. I weight everyday, and I see the direct results of sodium, water, etc. Sometimes I weigh after a run, which tells me how much fluid I lost - so this was really helpful to know exactly how much more I need to drink. I figure if I am doing the right things, the scale will eventually drop, so I don't let it control me.
    1399 days ago
  • v NEW-CAZ
    Thanks Taty... water retention is a right pain in the butt, just remember it's not all about the scales! emoticon
    1399 days ago
  • v LOSE4LIFE47
    Thanx for sharing!!
    1399 days ago
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