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Fruits and Veggies challenge-please share your ideas with me :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I have been a smoothie drinker for many years. It is a great way to get in our daily fruits and veggies. It is also a great way to disguise veggies for kiddos and adults. My son doesn't like many vegetables and I can hide their flavor in smoothies. Fortunately.. my daughter loves almost every fruit and vegetable.

I was a vegan for years and had smoothies all of the time.. but when I started to bring meat back into my diet about 6 months ago I stopped drinking as many smoothies. When the Biggest Loser Challenge for this week came up I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to bring some green smoothies back into my life.

The challenge is for 4 days out of this week to have at least 5 servings of fruit/veg a day. The bonus challenge is to on one of those days have all of the colors red, orange/yellow, green, blue, and white.

Things have been very VERY hectic in my life (many of your lives, too) for the past few weeks. A few of you I have spoken with in private -- thank you for kind words and support for what my family is going through at this time.

So-- I needed a quick easy way to make sure that I had a no-fail plan to accomplish these challenges!

Yay-- smoothies!!!

Many people don't like smoothies if they aren't super sweet. I am fine with them either way :) I don't add splenda or truvia or agave or anything to my smoothies.. but some people do and that is fine, too!

So here was my plan for this week to help me meet the challenge and bonus challenge for this week:

Get some extra fruit and veg!

Divide them into baggies :)

Each bag has:

3 ounces of baby carrots
3 ounces of baby spinach ( that is a half of the bag)
140 grams (approx 1 cup) of frozen mixed berries
1/2 of a banana

I then roll the bags up and get out as much air as I can to get ready to freeze the bags.

In the past it was normal for me to make 30 of these at a time and freeze them for a whole month's worth of smoothie fixins.

-When I am ready for a smoothie I just go to the freezer and pull out a bag and set it on the counter to soften for about 10 minutes or so.

-I squish baggie around in my hands to separate the freggies that are stuck to one another.

-I put 1 cup of Fage Greek No Fat Yogurt into the blender.

-Pour a little bit of the frozen freggies on top of the yogurt. Put the lid on and let 'er whirl. I keep 1.5 cups of water near by to pour in as needed to get the smoothie to blend when it seems to be slowing down. I pour in some more of the freggies and blend and continue to add freegies and water as needed until all is done :)

Each baggie contains 5 servings of fruit/veg for the day!

Each baggie when blended with 1 cup of yogurt and about 1.5 cups of water will yield approximately 4 cups of smoothie. If you can drink it all at one time---- KUDOS!! I usually drink 2 cups and then drink the other 2 cups a little while later.


After blended my cold smoothie will fill two of these glasses.

(I have never even eaten at White Castle ... my husband installs the kitchens in many restaurant brands across the country so these cups were brought to me from one of his journeys)

I drink on the smoothie throughout the morning.

This is a great way to get some veggies in for those of you who don't like veggies. You can't taste them at all. If you like sweeter tasting smoothies you may choose to add a sweetened yogurt, some no sugar added orange juice, or a little sweetener.

I also add protein powder to smoothies sometimes.. especially if I don't have yogurt.


CALS: 309
FAT: 0
CARB: 51

If you add a healthy fat like Omega 3 flax oil it will make a perfectly balanced smoothie adding 130 calories and 14 grams of healthy fats :)

How do you like your smoothies??
Please share some of your smoothie ideas with me in the comments!

I also want to add.. that if you have never tried un-sweet greek yogurt you may or may not like it. It really cuts the sweetness of this smoothie but I don't mind. Using regular yogurt will make your smoothie much sweeter..but won't give it as much protein. Greek yogurt is very high in protein :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I just love the idea of pre-bagging the freggies and freezeing them. Sure does make it easier when it comes time to make it. Thank you so much for this awesome blog post.
    1881 days ago
    What a great idea to pre- package the smoothie "fixings"....I add Chia seeds to mine and also Greek yoghurt if I'm in need of protein. You should have some sort of protein in your smoothie, right? If it is a meal replacement? I also use unsweetened yoghurt, unsweetened coconut and almond milk and sometimes even unsweetened flax.

    Frozen bananas are good too! :-)

    Kale is good on occasion too, ful of B Vits.
    1881 days ago
    Lately, my favorite smoothie is one part watermelon, one part ice and a splash of apple juice (less than 1/4 cup), squeeze of lime if available. Depending on how ripe the watermelon is, sometimes I can use water. Works with any melon.

    Also I love wild frozen blueberries, fresh baby spinach (cup of each), protein powder, and milk or water (3/4 cup). If you mix the spinach and the liquid first in the blender really well, you can't taste it at all. :)

    1887 days ago
    Hey how did I miss this? Thanks to Marisa, I got here! I have been looking for good smoothie recipes that incorporate fruit and veggies! This was right on point!

    I will have to add this to my grocery list for next month! Thanks!!!

    As usual, YOU ROCK!!!
    1888 days ago
    1889 days ago
    What a great post!
    1892 days ago
    What an awesome idea! I am glad you showed how you blend the vegetables in with the smoothies because I need to eat vegetables more often but I don't like very many vegetables. I wish I liked all of them! That's good that your daughter likes most fruits and veggies! If I ever have kids, I hope they like healthy things!

    Have a good weekend! :)
    1894 days ago
  • SHOES17
    Watermelon and More Watermelon!!
    1895 days ago
    I've always liked the idea of smoothies, thought I should have them for breakfast more often... but I've been too lazy or something to do something about it! Thanks for the step-by-step here, it's so incredibly helpful I may actually get myself to do it this time! Packing up the veggies ahead of time is genius - that's going to make all the difference on busy mornings!
    1898 days ago
    i don't generally like smoothies - don't feel satisfied by drinking my calories. but after reading this, i'm inspired to give it a 'whirl'! emoticon
    1898 days ago
    I didn't know you could freeze fresh spinach leaves! Yay! I know what I'm going to be doing. I do this as well with making up my frozen baggies ready to throw in. It's so convenient. My mix is a bit different, but I plan on adding carrots to the mix now. I usually use almond milk instead of yogurt, but sometimes do greek yogurt (plain) it just depends on my mood.

    Is it 309 calories for the entire blender full? Not bad!!
    1899 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/5/2012 3:35:28 PM
    Great blog!! I also use un-sweetend yogurt and I don't add sugar but I do use vanilla soy milk instead of water and that along with the banana is PLENTY sweet for me :)
    1899 days ago
  • GIGI0607
    Looks Yummy - I have an oster personal smoothie thing. I make mine with just fruits, soy miilk and yogart and it has a awesome to go cup you mix right into.

    I have those same glasses but unlike you - I have eaten WC & love it :)
    1901 days ago
    great blog with enough detail to make it really useful. I love smoothies and make them quite a bit but you have given me some good ideas.
    1903 days ago
    Hmm. no blender or I'd try it.
    I've never made a smoothie with veggies in it at all. I would prefer like a vanilla greek yogurt probably as a base. ;)
    1903 days ago
    Wow!! Thanks for sharing this awesome tip! I love smoothies, but hadn't found a way to make them on the go. The freezer idea is EXACTLY what I need. I have never been big on putting leafy greens in my smoothies, but I may try some next time. I love Fage greek yogurt though. So smooth and creamy and packed with protein!
    1903 days ago
    Wow!! Thanks for sharing this awesome tip! I love smoothies, but hadn't found a way to make them on the go. The freezer idea is EXACTLY what I need. I have never been big on putting leafy greens in my smoothies, but I may try some next time. I love Fage greek yogurt though. So smooth and creamy and packed with protein!
    1903 days ago
    Love this idea and may have to adopt it!!!! emoticon
    1903 days ago
  • LIZ1147
    Pre-portioning and freezing the freggies is a great idea! Great way to get your fruits and veggie servings for the day. I've never actually made any green smoothies, but I am inspired to do so. Much healthier than ice cream or a milkshake, and not super high in calories.
    1904 days ago
    Great idea to pre-bag your veggies! Now all I need is a juicer. emoticon
    1904 days ago
  • IRP1114
    Great way to be prepared! That is awesome you are starting back up with daily green smoothies! Good for you girl!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1904 days ago
    Thanks for the post!!! My mom opted for a super low fat diet versus having her gallbladder removed, she may have to give up meat all together. I am going to share this with her and try it out with my daughter this weekend!
    1904 days ago
    I've been enjoying green smoothies for the past month and learning a TON along the way. One thing you definitely want to do is rotate your greens...use a variety from day to day. Next time you're at the store, grab some green leaf lettuce and some romaine. They are as mild as the spinach so flavor wise it won't be a shock to the taste buds. Some days I'm bold enough to use baby kale or rainbow chard, and a lot of days I rotate in baby greens, baby romaine. The other thing I've learned is to make sure you don't drink them...but rather "chew" so your saliva has a chance to mix in and prepare it for the stomach. This sounded crazy until I tried it. I get full faster when I chew my green smoothie and I'm satisfied longer!! Wishing you the very best with this endeavor - the benefits are so far reaching.
    1906 days ago
    Looks great , i am not really a smoothie girl, but it looks nice the way you put it with the HEAT we have here, i will give it atry:) thanks for sharing :) emoticon
    1906 days ago
    Oh my goodness what a great idea!! I don't think my family has a blender though haha or I would totally try out some smoothie recipes!!
    1907 days ago
    I am in LOVE with this idea!!! Thank you for posting this and adding the pics of what you did! I am very visual so I like pics. :) Love that this gets you 5 servings right away. I would never have thought to blend all those. And I also love how you have it all prepared and ready to go. I have no smoothie recipes to add but I am so trying this! Fage is my fave greek yogurt.....has the best texture by far!
    1907 days ago
    Thanks for the recipe. It is on my to do list. I'm a bit confused though. The calorie information you provided--is it for 1 full baggie? Does one baggie serve 1 person or 2? If 2, does each person get 5 servings? I know I should be able to figure this out, but thought it would be easier to ask.

    I haven't typically been a big smoothie person. Usually because it makes enough for 2 and no one else drinks them.
    1907 days ago
    Mmmm... smoothies. I love smoothies but I tend to get lazy and not even think about making them often. I know, I know, they aren't hard but when it means I have to bring out the big equipment (like the blender) I tend to feel like it's work. lol
    I have been toying with the thought of putting some boiled carrots (I don't like the texture or flavor of raw) into my smoothies for quite some time now, just haven't gotten around to it. I do use greek yogurt, banana and usually frozen strawberries or tropical fruit blend, a splash of milk, sometimes ice cubes if my fruit isn't frozen. If I'm in the mood for something with more of a sweet bit, I will add a touch of honey.
    I think you convinced me to try the carrots though... Thanks for sharing darlin!
    Yum... Smooothies... emoticon
    1907 days ago
    Try this one:

    1 medium apple, chopped
    1 T tahini (sesame butter)
    1-2 C water
    1 scoop protein powder
    2 T ground flax seed
    1 T psyllium husk (less if you're new to psyllium)
    1 T plain cocoa powder
    stevia if you want to sweeten it. NOT Truvia, which has added sugars.

    Blend & drink. If you put the psyllium in, you have to drink it soon as psyllium will continue to thicken until your smoothie is more like jello!

    It is kind of like a cocoa milkshake, only healthy. :D
    1907 days ago
    I don't drink a lot if smoothies or use my juicer because I don't ever have the time. I like the pre-prepped freggies. I'm adding this to the list of things to try. I love Greek yogurt but I've only used the plain in savory dips or dressings. Good luck with the challenge.
    1907 days ago
    Looks yummie!
    1907 days ago
    That sounds awesome! I have been toying with trying veggies in my smoothies (I usually do yogurt, banana, and then whatever other fruit I have around) but wasn't sure how to go about it. I struggle with getting my 5 a day and this would go great in a travel mug to work with me! emoticon
    1907 days ago
  • VALYNN26
    That sounds tasty. I've never tried vegies in my smoothies, or the yogurt. I usually just throw some different fruit (my fav. is blueberries & banana~frozen) in the blender & add 2% milk. I may just have to try your idea though especially if you can't taste the vegies. There are many days I struggle to get 5 servings. Having one of those would sure make it easier. emoticon
    1907 days ago
    This is sooo amazing :D:D
    I love smoothies, I usually do bananas with 0% fat free yoghurt and some vanilla extract , with half tsp of honey yummi :))
    we have cherries these days, i may try that :D
    but i never tried it with veggies and the way you are doing them is so motivating, have to try it :D:D
    thxxx for sharing dear , xoxo
    1907 days ago
    your idea of freezing the group together is GREAT. But I personally don't like the taste of yogurt. I use tofu in my smoothies -- adds protein but it takes on the taste of whatever it is mixed with... also for a chocolate one, I add cocoa powder.
    1907 days ago
    Dang, I think you have this covered! emoticon
    1907 days ago
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