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Confession: Madam 140s Isn't Entirely To Blame

Friday, July 27, 2012

I don't remember it being this hard the last time I entered the 140s, so it's much easier to use a scapegoat than own up to a few shortcomings.

Nutrition is going well. The food choices are more nutritious, the portion sizes smaller, and I'm tracking my food every day. I'm averaging between 1200-1700 calories a day. Lately I've been zigzagging the calories to "confuse" my body, which was working. I'm getting my sleep. I'm not particularly stressed.

Now I present the million dollar question: If I have been in my caloric range all but four days this month, why is the scale going up? Last week 151.8. Today 153.4. Don't give me throwaway answers like sodium or hormonal bloat. The scale is steadily going up when it should be going down.

Before I blamed Madam 140s for being stubborn. After a little self-reflection I realized something. I've been slacking on the exercise. And for a woman my height, weight, and age who is being rather lazy, my caloric intake is probably about enough to break even. So the stalemate with the scale might actually be - gulp - my own doing!


I just wrote a sparkfriend this morning telling her about how I've been restructuring accountability. I try to blog semi-regularly. I weigh-in daily. I track my food daily. I reward my efforts with star stickers daily. The one loophole is that I have not set an exercise schedule. And I am an excuse pro, so when I mean "set a schedule" I mean like God carving the ten commandments into the stone for Moses.

So I am issuing myself a Protolympics challenge: 40 minutes deliberate exercise every day until the closing ceremony, and by then it should be habit again. Only very serious excuses, like stomach sickness, will be accepted. I'll even issue myself a bonus: Average 60 minutes deliberate exercise per day and I will give myself a reward, probably with some new dresses.

When I pair this exercise plan with my diet, that should be enough to send Matron 150s moving out for good!
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