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Kling-on Foods & CT Heart Scan ...

Friday, July 27, 2012

This morning I had to leave to go for a CT Scan at the Heart Services at the Hospital. My appt was for 9:30 and I had planned to be there early because I knew that they like you there early to complete forms etc.

I got to the hospital by 9:10 AM and checked in. I was told to take a seat out in the hall way which I did. While I was out there, I got to thinking AGAIN about different things, you know this and that and that and this and was thinking about ... Kling-on Foods...

Now I am sure you must think I am talking about the Kling-on Warf and his buddies and what they ate on their space ships, after all a good trekkie would pick up on this and automatically think of Warf from the show Next Generation.... but no .. not quite that kind of Kling-on Foods...

The foods I was thinking of are the foods that you eat that pass the lips and settle on your hips ( or where ever it is they sit )... for me its the hips and belly, not sure where it is for others. But there is a certain class of foods I can't eat for that reason. Oh sure there's some that give you gas, and some that fill you, and some that make you feel like you never had anything to eat at all... but all in all, foods that kling-on to you !!!

Mine is bread, I just cant' eat it, it just goes right to my hips and takes up residence, no matter what I do. French Fries are another, much as I love em they love me back tooo much... Oh there are other foods that do the same thing, rice, which is ok cause I am not a big rice eater, any form of junk food, and some fruits ...

In time a nurse came out, took my pb, told me the numbers, I know nothing about how this works and what one means over the other, and also my heart beat. Turned out my heart beat was too fast for the test, so they had to give me a beta blocker. 2 pills .. then wait an hour or so and then we could do the test...

So there I was with more time on my hands then I wanted AND my cell phone needed charging.. playing games on your cell phone can drain your battery... but I was also reading a couple of thread and collecting sparks points, and found a couple of apps for the phone for spark that I will download once the phone has charged. I will actually be able to track my foods !!! KEWL ...

Anyway, I kept thinking about my diet, my weight, and what I could do to get back on track. Maybe the phone app will help, so I dont' feel I have to be on my computer to do it all the time, I can now post on the bus to work haha ... I guess that is what got me to thinking about the "kling-on foods"... yea I know it should be "cling-on" but "Kling-on" was more fun and the girl just wanted to have fun.

Eventually I was lead into the room that would be taking the pictures of my heart .. I had an IV put in my right arm at the elbow bend, and the other arm had the BP cuff. The tecs positioned me to go into the machine, and started the scan. The program told me to take a deep breath and then let go and breath normally. This went on for about 4 times. One of the tecs came out and stated that when I was under the machine, my heart rate when up to high when breathing the deep breath and then calm down when I was breathing normally. She asked me if I was taking a gasping deep breath and I said no, because she had told me not to do that and I showd her the breath I was taking. She said it should be ok. We tried again, so under I went again, and sure enough, I failed the breathing test.

You see the heart beat has to be under 65 to take the pic and when I would breath in, it would automatically go up past that so the pic could not be taken. This is all automatic, and the tecs get warnings when its not going right.

They called in a nurse from the heart ward and she proceeded to give me yet more beta blockers and this time it worked good.. I was able to breath as they asked and able to give them a pic. When I passed the breathing test, the dye was administered. This is how the heart and the arteries are able to be photographed. The dye allows the DR to see the heart and arteries and identify any blockages and plaque build up .

Now that was a freaky feeling, what the dye did when it was put into the IV ... You know what hot flushes are like ??? WELL picture them 10x worse !! This stuff started me being boiling hot from my mouth, chest down into my bladder area .... UGHHHH AND I found it hard to breath ... the test did not last long but I took note of the affect and let the tecs know afterwards. They said that some patients say they felt like they wet themselves. I said no I know I did not wet myself, but it was definately HOT in areas I forgot existed !! WE all had a chuckle and then they took me over to the heart room to be monitored because of the extra beta blocker. Within half an hour I was able to get dressed and take the bus home with instructions to drink lots of water AND take it easy, as the beta blocker wont' wear off for another 24 hours. So no exercise today.

All in All I did not get home till 1:45 so it took over 3 hours to do this test. The results will go to my doctor, they did not show me the pictures, guess they are not allowed to.

Well thank you for dropping in and reading my blog, I appreciate your support. So what's your KLING-ON FOOD????? emoticon

ps The summer view from my living room - don't you just love it? ME TOOO !!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Best wishes to you! My food is anything sweet especially cake, and I try not to eat cake, but succumb from time to time.
    1986 days ago
    Lindie, I always tell people that I'm allergic to bread because it makes my butt swell. I love to bake my own homemade breads but I can't do it anymore, because I can't leave it alone.

    I hope you get good results from your test--love your view!
    2001 days ago
    Wishing you only the best wrt test results. That did sound like quite an experience. emoticon
    2001 days ago
    nice view to greet you. I love chimes.
    hope your test results are helpful so you can be at peak performance. Oh my, I sense an off-color joke in there. It's just in response to your witty comment to the techs! I almost spit apple all over the keyboard when I read it!
    2002 days ago
  • VALBOY2010
    I sure hope after all that, the Dr can find out what is wrong and will be able to help you. My dh goes for a CT scan in October, but because of the lesions they saw on his liver.

    I LOVE your Kling-On food idea. You made me laugh. I think bread is also one of my Kling-On foods. I'm sure I have more but I can't think of the just now.
    2002 days ago
  • VOLARI52
    Lindie you do have a beautiful view from your living room. Keep us posted on your test results. Hope you're feeling better from that ordeal.....take care.

    2003 days ago
  • QBGIRL54
    Lindie, I hope all the test results are good. I remember when I was going through the various heart tests and it was always so time consuming. The actual tests didn't take very long, but the before and after waiting and any unforeseen complications is what dragged the process out.
    2003 days ago
    Yes, love the summer view too. :-)

    All the best with your test results Lindie. Looks like you will get the same kind of results that you get from an angiogram, but a much less invasive procedure. anyway, all the very best with it. Keep us posted.
    2003 days ago
    Good luck with the results! I know what you mean about the 'hot flash' - I did that, too. Very strange feeling.

    My Kling-on is sugar sugar sugar in any dorm. I just can't get up the umph to want to fit it, so I can't say it's a losing battle when I'm not even fighting. I just don't know what will make me wnt to turn that corner.
    2003 days ago
    Of course you would need extra meds---LOL---hope you followed advice and took it easy today and tomorrow, too.
    2003 days ago
    good luck hope its all good
    2003 days ago
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