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that last mile

Friday, July 27, 2012

I had to drop off my bug yesterday. VW dealership wanted over $4000 in repairs for it, which I simply don't have. I took it there thinking some of it was under warranty, but alas, no more warranty for the bug.

So, I took it to my trusted Duncan's, dropped it off, and walked home. Turns out there is only $200 worth of repairs needed. Figures!! I love Duncans.

I figured a walk was a good way to get in my mileage AND as I've tried

Atkins diet for 3 months (gained one pound)

South beach Diet (yum)

Beachbody diet (yum)

Vegetarian & no diet pepsi (no loss)

I've discovered something very important about these ninja mutant fat cells.

they only leave when I burn them off.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

really, I know nutrition IS important and I won't go by the wayside, however, I think I was focusing, well actually RELYING on it too much. So, my new goal is to focus on the Fitness Tracker more and the nutrition a little less.


What I was saying was that I was walking home. And it was going great!!

For about 5 miles

But that last mile...

I had stopped by Chevron and got me some water and I knew that the weather could pose a problem. Even though we are no longer in triple digits, we still are in the mid 90s. That last mile was one straight long road to my apartment. The one thing I noticed were no trees.......just dead and brown straight up the road. I couldn't help marveling how it really was like the desert view from the sidewalk. That last mile my mind kept saying:

"oh man it is hot"

"Where is the freaking shade?"

"please don't let me pass out...."

"oh look, a fire station, I can pass out now"

"okay, one step then two then one step...QUIT SLOWING DOWN"

"where is the freaking shade???"

"oh thank you warm breeze for cooling me down"

By the time I DID reach my apartment complex I was feeling pretty dizzy. I knew when my mind could only say "1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2," that I was in a little bit of trouble. I really had to focus on getting my feet to get to the door, " just a few more buildings 1,2,1,2,1,2 quit slowing down...you can do this" all playing over and over.

When I got in the door I sat down for a minute and grabbed a very tall glass of water. My water that I had bought from Chevron was now hotter than my own body temperature. Immediately I began to sweat profusely and I knew in a few minutes it wasn't going to be pretty unless I cooled down.

but the ice must've really not agreed with my body..

My husband walked in the door from work and started chatting my ear off. I got up and staggered to the bathroom and locked the door where I held my belly writhing in pain and nausea. It was NOT pretty. I tried to hold on to the walls but I was sweating so bad I kept slipping.

by the time I thought I got my stomach settled I tried to stand up and lost vision out of one eye and felt like I was going to pass out. My ears began to burn (a sure sign I'm going to be sick) So I lay on my bed groaning in front of the fan. Hubby looked at me, still oblivious as to what was going on..."are you OKAY?" and got me a tall glass of ice water. NOT what I wanted to see right now. LOL I told him I was suffering from heat exhaustion and he immediately put me in the shower. I began shivering like crazy but almost immediately felt better.

"I guess I don't have to ask how the walk went?" he says to me

"The walk went great" I said, "but that last mile was a b*tch"

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SHOES17
    You have just have a positive attitude. The heat can really do a number on our bodies. I am really trying to focus on hydration. I dont like to drink. Hang in there...
    2056 days ago
    scary story! I have had heat stroke once in my teens and it was nasty. Living where I do, hot weather is seldom a big deal. Fahrenheit 80's is hot here.
    Take care of yourself!
    2057 days ago
    I am glad to hear you saved a bundle on your car repairs! I can understand your pain as far as exercise vs. nutrition, and I am coming to the same conclusion! emoticon
    2057 days ago
    so sorry to hear that - take it easy!!
    2060 days ago
    Sorry to had to go through that. It was a good thing your hubby knew what to do!
    2060 days ago
    ugh. Well i'm glad that your repair bill went from 4 grand to a couple hundred..that is a great thing! Otherwise...ugh. lol. I hope you're feeling better today girl. When you have to go pick up your car do you have somebody who can drive you??? I hope so. This heat is just bad. Take care of yourself and feel better. Hugs
    2060 days ago
    Gah. This sounds like hell.
    2060 days ago
    That's not Duncan Automotive where I took my car last week, is it? (in Lincoln?) Glad you got thru it ok, and I hope you'll try not to exercise much in this crazy heat -- the most outside activity I do in town in the summer between 10 and 7 is to walk to the mailbox! (I Hate heat ! Still waiting a bit before walking the dog.) Hope you're feeling better tomorrow and your car is too!!
    2061 days ago
    You do not have to get most fitness minutes that badly...
    Please take care of yourself.
    When I was new to CA I also made that mistake.
    Take care.
    2061 days ago
    Yikes! Take care of yourself, that sounds pretty scary!
    2061 days ago
    Glad to hear you're okay but be careful with this heat! Exercise is important but not to the point where you're jeopardizing your health. Take care and hope you get some cooler weather soon!
    2061 days ago
    I've had that nasty experience and I know how miserable it is. I can guarantee that you'll never do it again. I'm glad your hubby was with you.
    2062 days ago
    Glad your hubby took care of you!
    2062 days ago
    Take care of yourself!! Hugs, Moni
    2062 days ago
    Holy Moly what a crappy day, make sure you stretch tonight or your going to feel it tomorrow.
    Glad your okay

    2062 days ago
    Wow! You have to be so careful in this heat! My husband had heat exhaustion and he kept sweating like a faucet. I've always heard that getting in a cold shower when you are too hot can cause a heart attack. When we were stationed in Rota, Spain, one young female sailor went for her early morning run and then took her shower to get ready to go to work on the base. She never made it and she was in her early 20's. So PLEASE be careful and take care of yourself!
    2062 days ago
    Heat is a serious issue. My DS, a golf course superintendent, really chewed me out for push mowing DD yard in mid-day. He told me that "at your age" you would never be the same after a heatstroke. He said he didn't work his people on jobs like that at that time of day. It's good to know someone cares. The ice water may be a problem, tap water is okay in a rush.
    Glad you are okay.
    2062 days ago
    Oh my goodness. I'm glad he knew to get you cooled down (via the shower). Hope you're not feeling any ill-effects today.
    2062 days ago
    Yikes! Scary stuff! Glad you're okay!

    Good for you for walking. I'm sure you'll be more aware/careful from now on!

    2062 days ago
    I'm glad he got their right in time to throw you in the shower.. Good part is you survived the walk..
    2062 days ago
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