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Day 1

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I have done a lot of thinking about how I am going to turn things around. I decided to start journalling again. My current plan is to spend 10 minutes in the morning thinking about my day and setting goals for the day. The goals should be reasonable and achievable. They should also take into account any foreseeable challenges that the day presents. At the end of the day I want to reflect on my goals and see how I did. I can also refer to them throughout the day to give me strength and encouragement. Some of my journalling I will post here to keep me more accountable and to share my journey. As much as I do like to share my journey some things I will keep private in the journal.

Today is my long day. I go to a yoga class at 7:30 PM so I stay at work until 7 PM. Yoga is near work and both are about an hour from home. Work is 50 miles, yoga is a little less, maybe 40, from home. I truly LOVE yoga. It can be challenging and sometimes I just don't feel like it but I always go because my body needs it and I love how I feel after. I look at it as a weekly commitment, written in pen in my planner. I only intend to miss it for very good reasons- very ill or on vacation are the only two that come to mind. It does make for a long day though. I got up at 4 today and didn't get home until 9:45 PM.

Weight today was 204.8. I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. Yesterday was a horrific eating day. I also know that much is likely water or undigested food. I was 200.4 yesterday morning and while I probably ate enough to gain a real pound I did not eat enough to gain 4.4 real pounds.

Food goals for the day: There are no real challenges that I can foresee. Basic plan: fruit before gym (strawberries), oatmeal for breakfast (Nature's Path organic), Lunch and dinner to be decided. I am planning to go to Whole Foods and see what they have. Most likely a salad for lunch and probably one for dinner. I also plan to have a Kombucha or KeVita probiotic drink. I think probiotics are important and I am trying to stay away from dairy which is where most people get probiotics (yogurt, cheese). I also have cantaloupe to finish up. Likely as a post-lunch snack. I have a plum too- maybe for after dinner. I want to keep things light to balance out some of yesterday and to help myself get back on track with eating. Big goal is to stay away from refined sugar and packaged/overly processed food.

How I did: I was right on target with eating today. I basically followed the plan I set above. Lunch came from the Whole Foods hot bar and it was: grilled/roasted veggies, corn on the cob (1/2 an ear), and roasted potatoes- probably about 1-2 potatoes. I also had a Kevita mango coconut probiotic drink (20 calories total!). For my snack I finished off the cantaloupe I had. Dinner came from the Whole Foods salad bar and it was: strawberries, pineapple, cucumber, carrots, beets, red and yellow peppers, and zucchini. I added some spring mix and spinach that I had at work. Dessert was watermelon. I'd say all around a perfect day.

Exercise goals: At least 45 minutes of cardio this morning. Preferably on the elliptical but I might choose the treadmill when I get to the gym. Yoga class tonight- 60 minutes. My general goal every day is: 10,000 steps on the pedometer and 15 flights of stairs. The stairs are relatively easy. The steps are harder. I have found that I basically have to do a cardio work out to get in that many steps.

How I did: Exercise was also spot on. I did 45 minutes on the elliptical which was 4.75 miles. I warmed up for 10 minutes (4.5-6.0 mph) and then did intervals. Two minutes high intensity (7-8 mph) followed by 3 minutes medium intensity (5.8-6.5 mph). That was followed by 10 minutes of stretching/yoga poses. Tonight I had 60 minutes of yoga. In addition to flow, we worked on some hand stand basics. I am a long way from a handstand but it was fun to try the steps to get there. In addition: 16 flights of stairs and 11342 steps so far. I will add on a few more steps getting ready for bed.

I'd call that a successful day one. I am cautiously optimistic about the days to come.

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