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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Well ladies and gents, I have made it. I am still alive, still kickin. I am amazed with my fortitude. How I can go day in and day out knowing that I will do something that will make me sweat ON PURPOSE. I cannot believe I have kept it up for half a year. I knew I was stubborn but not THAT stubborn. LOL.

When I first started, I imagined where I would be when I got to this point. I gave myself 2 options (neither of which were to give up by the way). Option 1 was only partly feasible at the time. I wanted to fit in my goal dress. It's a cute little pink thing with spaghetti straps, comes a little lower than mid thigh and has pockets. It's covered in an adorable japanese print of blue birds and cherry blossoms. Love it. Option 2 was an impossibility. I see that now. I wanted to be in the 180s. That is my magic number of success for some reason. I don't even know why. It's more than half way to my goal weight and really wasn't going to happen by the half year mark, I just saw myself at that size and got so excited that I thought "how could I not be at that number?"

So option 2 aside, I was able to fit in my goal dress on July 4th. Yay me! My weight loss has slowed recently. That's okay for now because I know my body is adapting and changing still. I am stronger and more flexible and I am getting more definition and tone. My knee problems that I had before beginning my journey have diminished so much that I hardly notice it anymore. I can run up the stairs now (like a friggin catapult, lol). I feel smaller. I look smaller. I had mentioned a few days ago that my dad didn't even recognize me when I walked over to his house. He was just going to drive right past his own house because he thought I was a door to door saleswoman. Then when he made the connection, my mom said his eyes bugged and he said "she's getting so skinny!" That has me absolutely tickled pink! My dad has never paid me a compliment about how I look. It's a very big deal to me.

I am at an interesting place right now. Not good, not bad, just interesting. I'm still 200 some pounds, I've got a lot to lose still, but I am capable of monumental tasks. I'm like a weird athletic whale that thinks she's a dolphin. (I'm not putting myself down btw, it's just a word picture). It's kinda the way I was in high school-energy to burn, active yet thick, overly muscular and flexible enough for the high kick. It's weird being a tiny girl in big girls body.

I plan to continue on this track. Some days are good, some days I am off my game a little but I have never given up. And I won't. I won't stop until I'm healthy. I won't stop until I reach my goal. If all goes as planned, come another 6 months, I will be victorious!

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