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I put a foot on the wrong turn, but then got back on the track!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Last night was ROUGH, Sparkfriends!!

I left work and went straight to City Foods (local food c0-op/community grocery) to volunteer. And I had a plan. A very good plan. Volunteer until 6:30-7, then home to make black bean burgers and roasted red potatoes and veggie kebabs for dinner. I even bought the veggies and potatoes locally right before I left to head home.

But when I got home, I could smell it. One of the cats had peed on something. So I go to find the source and clean it up...only to find that the cat had climbed into my (very full) laundry hamper and peed on EVERYTHING!

Deep breath...

Laundry takes a long time. I do it Saturdays because, between sorting, pre-treating, washing, drying, folding, and putting's at least 3 hours! So at 7 at night, I'm not happy to realize that I have three hours of unplanned housework in front of me!

I started to cave. I stormed out of the apartment to hit an ATM for laundry cash, and I find myself in Village Pantry. And I think: It's been a rough day, just a FEW nachos won't hurt. The EXCUSES whispering in my ear again! Usually, at this point I buy a whole bag of tortilla chips and a jar of Tostitos Salsa Con Queso, and eat the whole thing. I was even reaching for them. But I stopped. I was REALLY upset, but I knew that I wouldn't just "EAT ONE" I'd eat them all. So instead, I bought a snack-size bag of Fritos and a small can of Fritos chili cheese dip.

No, it wasn't a good idea. But it was less than half (by the servings sizes, almost only one third) of what I would usually binge on in a high-stress situation. So I WAS a little proud of myself for my moderation!

I pretreat the clothes, get them sorted and into the washers, and scrub the carpet beneath the hamper. Then I toss the clothes in the dryer...and face a tough dilemma. I really want to go back up to my apartment and curl up on the couch and pour a glass of wine. But I SHOULD run. And the EXCUSES tell me that I just ate those chips, I'll cramp up...I CAN'T DO IT!!

So I shot them down. I told myself that I had to EARN my glass of wine before I could have it. I went back upstairs, grabbed my IPod, and ran laps. My apartment complex has a circular trail that is .24 miles long. I ran 13 just over 5K. Yes, the chips did slow me down a little, but I DID IT!!

I had a big goofy grin on my face when I walked back upstairs. I had coerced myself...saying I'd just run a couple of laps to earn my wine, then saying I'll just run for 20 minutes, well why not just run for 10 more minutes then it's a half hour workout, you're so close just DO THE 5K so that you can say you did it!!

I went back and pulled my stuff out of the dryer, folded clothes and put them away, and it was almost 1. I took a shower and curled up in bed with the cats and a book...and finally realized that I never did have that glass of wine. I had figured, with a bombshell like that, it would be inevitable. And one glass would turn into two...and so on. But when I ran instead, I beat the cycle...and didn't give in to the TEMPTATION and the EXCUSES this time!

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