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Need tips about being a vegetarian

Monday, July 23, 2012

I have been waiting a while for this decision from dd1. It came this afternoon while watching a news report about meat gluing. She asked about being a vegetarian. I asked her why she wanted to one. I love her reasons (she thinks it is wrong to kill an animal for food). I told her it has been done for 100's of years and this is her personal choice.

I told her the different types and she picked Lacto-vegetarian. Her only hang up is the egg department. How do I help her with is choice? She only eats egg whites ... rarely. However, when she cooks she does not want to kill what would have been a chick. I really need help. She did choose to have meat one day a week with the intention to go to one day every other week, to once a month, to not at all.

I would love any tips/advise you can pass on to me as I support my dd1 with this lifestyle.

TIA and blessings
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    Quinoa has complete protein and it is good sweet and savory. I would avoid processed soy products and don't overload on soy anyway it has a lot of estrogens that can affect girls if too much is consumed, and most soy is GMO! Good news about the unfertilized eggs, and the whites are very healthy. I agree on the organic dairy though, growth hormones are yucky!! Have fun and she will be fine, good for her to have a grand opinion at a young age, and good for you to support her!!!
    2062 days ago
    Your daughter is amazing and very sensitive. I have great respect for people who live their convictions. About the eggs - I believe the eggs that are produced for human consumption are all unfertilized and what you actually eat is just the protein by-product. Fertilized eggs are used to grow chickens and aren't usually used for human consumption in the egg form. SLENDERELLA61 is right on the money with her advice.

    I use egg whites as a staple in my own diet. I often combine the whites with veggies or cheese and something such as brown rice or 100% whole wheat pita. You can even make a very filling rice bowl by combining brown rice, beans (or other protein source) and cooked veggies. I make an effort to stay away from processed foods when ever possible. I often eat 2 meals per day that are vegetarian. Since I have IBS and have to be careful not to overload on fiber, I usually have meat at dinner.

    This could be an exciting adventure for both you and your daughter! Have fun with it!
    2063 days ago
    your daughter can get all the protein she needs from beans, lentils and tofu - if she must include dairy in her diet, do get organic products because of the growth hormone that is in regular dairy products. concentrate on plant-based foods, rather than vegetarian/vegan "junk" foods (potato chips and french fries and coke are vegetarian/vegan), and try to avoid processed foods, even though they are vegetarian. you might want to read the book the China Study.

    it's great that you are being such a supportive mom! my daughter became vegetarian first, as well, and then vegan - i have followed her on her journeys and never looked back.
    2063 days ago
    oh, btw- about mcdonald's.....
    you can order any of the sandwiches without the meat. I do it all the time when I stop with Andrew.
    Burger King actually has a key for (even tho it's not listed on their menu) for a vegetarian whopper or vegetarian whopper jr- exactly same sandwich minus the meat. They aslo sell veggie burgers. And you can order a "grilled cheese" there- a bun with melted cheese (they use the steamer to melt it).

    There are options everywhere & it is NOT nearly as hard as what you'd think.

    good for you for being open minded! :)
    2063 days ago
    I've been a vegetarian for nearly 9 years. (I do still eat shrimp/fish). There are many, many options for protein if that's what you're worried about. Greek yogurt, regular yogurt, eggs (i know you mentioned her issues, but she may change her mind- esp if she remembers eggs are in alot of treats- giving up eggs would mean giving up most cake,cupcakes,brownies,etc), soy based products (i like veggie patch & morning star),cheese, nuts, lentils, spinach, avocados, broccoli, peas, cottage cheese, asparaus,qunioa, rice, potato with skin,......

    My son's peditrician has 10 of his own kids- some of which are vegeatrian- his wife is vegeatrian & he was for 10 years but isn't any longer. He let his children decide for themselves just as I will for Andrew. I've already had this discussion w/his dr. 2 years ago as my lil' one eats not much meat at all- he likes hot dofs, once in awhile hamburger or chicken nuggets- that's about all. But he will eat beans, veggie burgers, eggs, fish, shrimp, crab, lots of dairy, spinach & lots of fruits & veggies. His peditrician is well aware of his diet & has never even rec'd vitamins- said his diet is very, very healthy and nothing to worry about. And as far as weight issues, I would not worry a bit. Like I said, Andrew still does eat some meat, but not much. He's almost 50" tall & weighs 40 pounds. Tall & thin w/lots and lots of energy. The vegetarian lifestyle is VERY healthy when done right- when you'd get into trouble is when you eat pizza, fried mozzarrella sticks, french fries, etc all day and not the way you, my friend, are accustomed to feeding your family.

    Good luck w/ ehatever decision she makes! :)
    2063 days ago
    Big step for a young girl. I have two nieces who only eat chicken - no other meat. I wonder if she could be happy with that choice to be sure of getting her protein needs.
    2063 days ago
    Sorry she is 9yrs old.
    2063 days ago
    You don't say how old your daughter is. I know from what I have read that children should not be vegetarian until a certain age because of the nutrients they need from meat. I would check with a dietician to be sure that she can make that change now.
    2063 days ago
    Thank you Marsha and Karen. I have looked at a few pages on the internet and we are scheduled to see her ped in August. She is not one for nuts of any kind and she a bit stand-offish on legumes. We are going to try adding pigeons peas to our rice dish for taco tuesdays and veggies tacos with beans for her.

    Dh is being a pain and mentioned McDs to her. I told her we will cross the bridge together when we come to it.

    Anywho, I need to put them to bed.

    I am so super excited for her and this step in parenting.

    2063 days ago
    go to spark people serch and plug in veetarian and you will get links to loads of articles on vegetarian eating.main thing to be careful about is that you are getting the right balance of nutriants and enough protien.also have to make sure that she doesn´t end up getting too much fat as she will be eating more nuts and dairy products.also as she is still a child and therefore still growing it might be an idea to speak with your childrens dr or with a qualified dietician.though the imformation on this site is very informative it is gear to axtually losing weight not geared to the needs of a growing child.hope this helps love. emoticon
    2063 days ago
    Please assure your daughter that eggs available in our grocery stores are infertile -- they could never become chickens. Only specially purchased fertile eggs could become chicks. It's great she's going to continue to use and drink milk, too.

    A trip to the library is probably in order. I remember reading Diet for a Small Planet back in the 1970's. One important concept was mixing incomplete proteins to make sure you get all the essential amino acids (I think there are 7 essential and 20 some total, if I remember right.) Brown rice and beans work together to make complete protein, for example. I'm sure there are even better books now about becoming a vegetarian. It might not be wrong to see a Registered Dietitian if you can. Because your daughter is still growing her nutritional needs may be greater than for an adult in some areas.

    I am not a vegetarian, although I have tried several times, mostly because I appreciate your daughter's view. I respect vegetarians greatly. You are raising a caring and wise young lady. Best wishes.

    2063 days ago
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