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Scales have far too big an influence on us

Monday, July 23, 2012

In addition, to the above, they also don't accurately tell you whether you have lost fat!

There are many factors that impact our number on the scales, besides the amount of body fat we have. On any given morning, we weigh more or less depending on the amount of fluid in our body, whether we have consumed it or retained it due to heat and humidity, healing muscles, food intolerances, too much sodium, hormones, etc. Our bones are pretty consistent in weight, but our muscles change size. And we have more or less partially digested food in our body on any given day.

If your scales bounce up 3 pounds one day, chances are that you did not gain 3 pounds of fat overnight (did you really consume an extra 10,500 calories yesterday?!?!), but that one of the other variables has come into play.

Don't let that bounce define you and set your mood for the day. Those of us that bounce around a lot need to let that number go. Celebrate the new numbers that you see and understand that the bounces are not due to fat gain (unless you've been on 3-day food bender!). Drink your water, stick to your eating and exercise plan, treat your body kindly, and the scale will eventually catch up and reflect your progress. Have other measurements to re-assure yourself if needed (tape measure, photos, goal pants, etc.)
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