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Sunday, July 22, 2012

So, I lost a lot of weight in 2010. 53 lbs to be exact. I was feeling great, but honestly, don't remember much about it. It was short lived.
Gained it all back. (All but 3 lbs). And started over. Now I'm down 39 lbs from original start weight and starting to kind-of feel good again. Nothing major though.

I get a good feeling when I notice my face looks smaller. And the other day I (VERY NEARLY) lost my pants at work b/c they're too big. Those are good moments. But, I haven't had any REAL "YAY!" moments.....until NOW.

I'm on a super-freak cleaning spree. I want to declutter. I dont want stuff. I DO NOT WANT STUFF. I'm trying to rid my house of about 50% of my things. (Its a hard task, but I'm probably doing about 30% so far). I've been feeling very overwhelmed by materialistic things. I want to downsize my home by half. I currently live in 850 square foot, 2 bed 1 bath home. And my dream home is about 400-500 sq feet, 1 bed, 1 bath. And with that in mind: I'm selling things! (And anything that doesn't sell in my sale will be donated to my local animal shelters yearly rummage sale).

I digress - Anyway, tonights mission: CLOTHES. I have saved every mc'friggin' article of clothing since I was...I dunno....13. Its ridic. I'm going to shed 40% of it right NOW!

But, while I was at it....I found them. Them! My "I feel super sexy b/c I'm super cute and these are super cute" shorts. Adorable low-cut, perfectly frayed, perfectly "worn" look - jean shorts. I wore them....9th grade I think :) (My body hasn't changed much since 6th grade. Same height still).
I just "had" to try them on.

Okay, okay. They didn't FIT-fit. But, they were up and zipped for crickey sake. (Oh, and p.s. I was able to do it while standing as well!)

Muffin top? Yes. Size 8s on my asss: YES!

I am one happy camper.
Now, on to see what other gems I can find in these boxes!

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